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"The Internet. Is that thing still around?" - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"The Internet. Is that thing still around?"
You really need the audio, at least, to go with that:

You also really need to wonder how someone who's been using interactive computers since the 1970s (PLATO and Cornell's primordial VM370 with DECwriter printing terminals and optional CRT monitors) has somehow managed to have a near-invisible Internet presence.

Used to be, lawyers relied on a set of bound volumes still known in a more virtual existence as Martindale-Hubbell. It is- at least was- a blend of an advertising section that you bought and paid for entries in, and straight bio listings with ratings of ability (a, b or c) and ethics (v for very high being the only grade), peer-reviewed in your communities.  By the end of my larger-firm experiences around 2005, I'd achieved a bv rating- and then lost all traces of myself when I left all firms and went solo. Meanwhile, services like Avvo, Linkedin and even straight Googling became available for one and all who didn't have the insider knowledge of how Martindale worked.

I'm now past eight years on my own, and I've never needed to do much to get myself found: I'm in the attorneys directory for my local community, advertise in several specialty "law lists" for out-of-town attorneys or agencies needing local counsel, and work mostly by word-of-mouth.  Just in the past week, though, the system seems to be failing me.  People are Googling me! The horror! Worse, they're finding me, not at my own email address or on my office or mobile phone number, but through the main switchboard of one of the two offices I see clients at- leading to delays in getting their messages and, hopefully not yet, losses of business on that account.  This has happened at least five times in the past month- twice today:(

So it's time.  Several years ago, I reserved myname-dot-com through Network Solutions, with which I have done absolutely nothing- it's mainly to prevent other guys with the same name (I know of at least one train enthusiast and an odd musician or two who also share the moniker) from getting there first.  Every August, I pony up about 55 bucks to re-register the domain for another year and to use their private registration service so I don't get spammed through email and snailmail for parking this site.  (They, of course, would much prefer that I drop many times that amount for multi-year renewal, web development assistance, search optimization, and valet parking for when the NSA comes to my house to check out all my traffic. F that.)

But now that I seem to have acquired an alternative and slightly annoying Web presence, it's probably time to implement it. It's also timely because, in all probability, my roadrunner.com email address for work will be changing to comcast-dot-somethingorother once that deal goes through (or, even worse, to fox.com if Rupert Murdoch winds up buying Time Warner instead), and I may as well be proactive about it.

I still envision a split personality for the site: an ENTER screen with blogging, sports, general-lifey things to one side, and the law practice door (which, in New York, requires multiple bells and whistles of disclosures and registrations with bar authorities) to the other.  Only reason I might NOT do that? I've known for some years that captainsblog.com is a largely dormant name; a guy still has it active, but it points to blog entries under another brand. I won't spend thousands, or even hundreds, to buy it, but I may email the dude to see if he'd just let me start paying for it in exchange for linking any misdirected traffic back to him.

Stay tuned. Possibly to a new frequency.

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