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(Mostly) Nice Things Arriving.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
(Mostly) Nice Things Arriving....
The past few days have brought several nice things into our home- not without a couple of twerp attacks, but even those are ending nicely:)

On Monday, the Orphan Black Series 2 box set arrived. Two of the three disks have special features: one, a preview of the season that apparently aired on BBCA, hosted by Wil Wheaton and with much of the cast and special guest clone lovers Patton Oswalt and Orlando Jones offering their insights and fanboying. Even better, though, was the suite of specials on the final disk: Emily will eat up the features about blocking, and technodollying, and how to make four clones dance all at once when they're played by the same actress.

Late this morning, while Eleanor was out, the new printer arrived, which will work with both of our computers and will allow her to print actual pictures again. It's being a little grumpy with her photo software, but we should be able to work through that.

Before the printer was even out of the box, I saw another delivery dude on the sidewalk, with these:


At first, I thought they might be for the soon-to-be bride next door, but no- he was heading here. They were- are- a simply lovely act of thoughtfulness for Eleanor from our friend audacian. What a nice surprise for her to return home to:)


The final two surprises were more annoying, but redeemable.

First, right after dinner I headed to a workout with my near-dead phone in hand. When I went to connect it to its car-based charging cord, I discovered.... no cord. The little-shit kids who'd rifled my glovebox, and stolen all of five bucks from elsewhere in my car, had also made off with it (and, stupidly, with a set of earbuds that had only one functioning earpiece). Fortunately, my trainer and her husband have upgraded to iPhone 5's and had a ton of leftover 4-and-under charging cords they don't even need anymore, so they just outright gave me one.

Those are the outside twerps in our neighborhood. We also have an inside one: Zoey, we're pretty sure, carved a heart-shape dent of more than half the cheesecake filling of a peach pie Eleanor had made while I was out and had left cooling, pre-peach, on the stovetop. This, too, is not a disaster of epic proportions: the crust survived, and the peaches will be, well, just as peachy when they're finally put in.

Plus the filling, such as the cat left, was plenty yummy with a glass of milk ::hic::


Long day tomorrow. Off to be sure the cars are locked; I'm still thinking about the idea from Sally's husband about leaving mine open again and sticking a spring-loaded mousetrap in the glovebox, but I'd hate to see one of these poor little darlings actually learning a lesson or anything ::evillaff::
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