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Day 4- "I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Day 4- "I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State."
::Yawns::  Now I REALLY need some time off.  Four days; over 1300 miles; five states, counting Delaware, where I did not blink-


-and just the right connections all the way round:)

Also, bling of various persuasions. (Spoiler alert for Emily: one of these is yours;)

Longest single stretch of my life ever spent consecutively in New Jersey, starting long and strange but ending with a nice meet-up.

Gas is cheap in the Land of Christie, and they pump it for you, but they more than make up for it with the tolls. EZ-Pass makes them sleek and almost painless, but I probably dropped more in under a day than the 90 clips me for in a year. And the tolled roads are essential to getting round.

From Queens, I got quickly over the George (free in that direction), and Turnpiked/280'd to my hotel. It was, well, not a likely winner on Yelp. The car park behind had spaces filled with broken auto glass, and the reception desk was behind a bulletproof partition. Go me. Fortunately, I was on the top floor, and the rest of the guests looked like the hard-working tourist types I'd seen all the day before. Not all of them quite get the subtleties of local language or geography, though: witness (and roll over the picture for a transcription of Teh Stupid)-

- I don't know if I can afford becoming a NYC borough;)

Once settled around 7, I decided to check out the way to my Monday errands, and, since it was still open, to have dinner at the iconic place from the Sopranos finale:


I parallel parked across the street and got a booth. No jukeboxes (only Tony's final resting booth still has one), so I had to go with the one thing I could bring to the table-


"Best in the state, far as I'm concerned!"

I kept the restrooms in view, in case any Members Only jacket wearers were about. As with most tourist traps, getting it off the bucket list was the biggest deal of it all.


Back, then, to watch a bit of the Bills in the room (Giants went 2-for-2 against New York teams this day:P), and then hope for quiet and no break-ins.

That proved the case, and I found my way to the county's Hall of Records by 9 yesterday morning.

Impressive. Guarding the place are the Jersey cousins of the NYPL library lions: Rudeness and Insanity:


I then dusted off (literally) my pre-computer title searching skills to see if I could find my long lost great-uncle. And,.... Hit a dead end. From computer images to xeroxes to, finally, a microfilm at the start of the line:


Charlie/Bill never owned the house; a lady owned it from 1925 to 1970, and he must've just rented. I looked around other indices to see if anyone with known names had owned anything in the 50s or 60s, and probably came up short with those searches, too. Still, at least I know that this is, likely, a dead end.


That got me pointed home, finally- but not without a couple of detours, one intended, one not.

A longtime LJ friend, greenquotebook , who grew up in Queens before a long exile to Deepinthehearta, Jesusland, just moved back north with her son and is living now about half an hour south of Newark/Bloomfield. I Parkwayed my way down there to meet them and check out the local pizza-


- and had a nice walk and plenty of good talk with these genuine, good people.

From there it was finally time to head, truly, to the north and west- until 81 bit me in the ass one last time. Coming into Scranton, there were signs and radio warnings that a long stretch of the northbound highway would be down to one lane and majorly backed up, and would I like to consider the Northeast Extension of the Turnpike as an alternate? After last Friday, you bet I would, even though it meant a detour 10 miles out of my way on 81 south....

where, as soon as I turned onto it, turned out to be backed up in construction all its very own:P Not as bad as Friday, though, and surely less time than an hour stuck would have been. Made it to my sister's by 7:30 and home three hours after leaving there, where a happy family and a much-anticipated book awaited:)


I wrote most of that while waiting for a three-hour-plus oil change. Now I'm home again for realz and getting back into the swing of everything. Thanks to all who helped make the memories of some special days:)
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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: August 6th, 2014 05:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
'Twas awesome meeting you, too! (((HUGS)))
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