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Moving Days. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Moving Days.
Tomorrow and Saturday mark twenty years since we officially closed-on-record on this house and our last Rochester one, respectively. If that doesn't seem the usual order of things, it's not; for about 24 hours, we actually owned both homes as a matter of record; also, we moved in here over the intervening weekend, before either closing went on record (and which a snippy little bank attorney in Rochester was duly displeased about at the time), and we have never, once, looked to move to something bigger, different or elsewhere.

In checking the dates on those two deals online, I discovered that the guy we sold the Rochester house to (who was buying it mainly as an investment) sold it, in turn, in 1999. That owner (who looks to be a city firefighter) is still there, 15 years later. It's nice to know it's made a good and long-time home for someone.

Plenty of other transitions around here. As Eleanor has mentioned, the house kittycorner to our longtime neighbor Sally's place just went on the market. She looked up the property and saw the interior pictures and the realtor's blurb encouraging buyers to bring their "decorator touches to make this your dream home."

Decorator touches, and a blowtorch to get the wallpaper off:

Meanwhile, the couple renting Sally's former home will be transitioning themselves two weekends from now: August 23rd is their wedding day:) We had a couple of tense moments when they were first getting used to a puppy over the winter, but they've been kind about our concerns, and clearly love the lil grrl, and we hope this home brings them at least a beginning of a happy life together.


Emily and Cameron are also closer to a new home of their own. I had a late appointment in Rochester today, so I headed out to Palmyra to have lunch with la chica. She showed me round several of the no-go places they'd looked at (both much closer to main highways and one, at least, with potential structural problems), and then the complex they should have an answer on by tomorrow:

Much quieter, yet still only a few blocks' walk to work for her. AND Cameron has an interview near there for a possibly extra job for him this weekend!

I doubt they'll be there for 20 years, or maybe not even as long as the kids next door to us, but it's still an important step:)
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