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On Birthdays and Independence Days.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
On Birthdays and Independence Days....
For years, I've observed August 15th as a day to remember personal transitions. It came from the happenstance of my first "real" apartment lease beginning on this day in 1978- after my first, and last, summer spent "home from college." Ten weeks of THAT were enough to send me on a one-way trip upstate which, except for a brief interregnum between Buffalo and Rochester, I never returned from. I arrived in the Cadillac-driving company of a (now deceased) friend of my sister's, who shlepped my relatively small stash of possessions back to Ithaca, and for a couple of weeks, I had a three-bedroom apartment to myself, laying in provisions through long walks and bus rides until the one roommate with a car arrived. I learned a lot about living on my own starting then (even if, famously, I couldn't tell a head of lettuce from a cabbage in the A&P produce section). Over the years, several other moves coincided with this same date, or pretty close- including my last pre-Eleanor move in 1986 and our move here in 1994.

Now, Emily and Cameron are about to make a move at around the same time. They still don't know exactly when- the leasing person in the new complex has been largely AWOL- but I've promised to help chase down the paperwork when I'm out that way early next week. They're running a yard sale tomorrow to cut down the clutter, and they need very little in the way of "stuff" from us at this point.

I might surprise them with a cabbage, though. Seemed to bring good luck.


As for today's birthday news: a couple of years ago, I was randomly contacted by a friends-only community devoted to cinema. It had four anonymous maintainers, one of whom had read enough of my public entries to think I'd be interested. I was, and remain so- they do interesting polls and reviews- but eventually one of the four, known on the page only by a pseudonym, seemed to resonate more with my own eclectic (okay- occasionally weird)- pop culture tastes).

In time, I discovered the who behind that what, and we became LJ friends more directly. She's had an amazing past for a life barely two-thirds in the books compared to mine, and has a husband and family (present and planned) who are the source of many interesting tales. Once a month, she bares the pages of her own blog and the comm to an "ask me anything" sort of exercise- I've never entered it, but the bravery behind it is not diminished in the least by my own dullness.

And so, to the woman born exactly a year to the day after I began that Big Adventure, I wish happiness and hugs for the birthday of darkwaver:) (And yes, I'm the Ray who just showed up on G+, where I don't spend nearly as much time as on Fakesenseofprivacybook ;)
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