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A Fistful of Youtubes.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Fistful of Youtubes....
Ordered, more or less, as I encountered them during the day:

I awoke to the news of the death, at 96, of longtime Saturday Night Live announcer Don Pardo. He did the intros and closings for all but one of the show's 38 seasons, but I rarely watched after the original cast left with Lorne Michaels after the first few years. So it's this bit, from his even earlier role in pop culture, that I remember him for the best:

Weird Al Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy by jpdc11

(If that Dailymotion version doesn't embed, there's a Youtube of it, too, but with an annoying pre-ad.)

I grew up watching that version of the show at lunchtime, and his soothing tones made even Potent Potables seem mild. Farewell to a voice well-spoken:)


Then there was this:

I don't think that's the original Arlo Guthrie audio from August 1969, but it was in mind today for a couple of reasons. This weekend marked 45 years since the Bethel, New York music festival, and brought back all kinds of memories- including these from the then n00b reporter for the Buffalo News, now its arts editor, who was sent to Woodstock in a suit and tie to cover the event. One thing he learned about the experience, but only later?

My great revelation about the event happened months later at a Joni Mitchell concert. She sat down at the piano to sing “Woodstock,” the song she had written for Crosby, Stills and Nash.

She explained casually that she had written the song weeks before the event. Never mind its lyrics in the past tense (“by the time we got to Woodstock/we were half a million strong”): It was all hype written beforehand, not a truthful account.

My other reason for remembering the Arlo reference was this, which IS a truthful account: The Niagara Section of the Thruway was closed today, man! I usually don't go home that way out of downtown, but I had a late day work errand to run, and got stuck in a miles-in-four-directions backup on account of a nasty rollover accident on the intersecting 290. All the cameras, computers and autobot radio station reports were utterly useless in helping me home from it, but I did find an oddly peaceful stretch of road in the City of Tonawanda that more or less worked.


Finally, there are these. We both got home pretty late, and as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, Ellen, our neighbor across the street, called and asked me to film her taking the ALS ice bucket challenge.

So of course I did:

(Those are Bernie-Bob and Little Pierre, her two rescues, offering commentary in the background.)

I've uploaded very little over there, so when it asked me about tags, I searched to see what Youtube is using for this cause. I figured #ALSChallenge was a good guess, but I instead found something just a lit-tle off from that:

And that one brings us full circle to the first one, since this #ASLChallenge poster is clearly channeling another Emily (not her, not ours), from the early days of what was originally called "NBC Saturday Night," Emily Litella:

Give Gilda our love, Don {{{{{}}}}}}}.
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