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It's not every day that a Goat Rodeo.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
It's not every day that a Goat Rodeo....
features an actual goat:


(Bad shot, I know; the lil guy was moving.)

He was out on Main Street at their midweek Farmers Market as I was heading back from two hours of fresh hell in court this morning. The good part, though, is that I am NOT now stuck back in there for three straight days at the beginning of next week.

It's the "how" of "how we got there" that makes you want to guzzle tin cans.

I showed up for pretrial motions at 9:30. One, sent to me just over two weeks ago, was a kitchen sink of Things the other side wanted- all of them bad. I went over it with the client and prepared my opposition to it.

Meanwhile, literally as I was waiting in the client's office to go over the case last week, I got calls from both the opposing lawyer and the court, almost at once, to tell me that my opponent and his lawyer had reached a point of irreconcilable differences over how to manage the case, and that his lawyers would be moving to withdraw from the case. I got these papers late on Friday, also scheduled for today, and I submitted my response to those at the same time.

Got that? Two sets of papers, two sets of responses, both addressing the issue of whether this case would proceed to a three-day trial four days from now. I spent hours preparing for it, going over it with the client and others, and went in with a sense of extreme uncertainty about how the coming week was gonna go.

Most of it, it turned out, was for nothing. The judge never even GOT the first set of papers from the other side. (They were filed in the Office With the Cash Register for such things, and copies were served on me, but somehow they got lost between the OWtCR and the judge's chambers. And even though they DID get my opposition to it, nobody told me, or my opponent, that those papers were not on for consideration today.

In the end, it didn't matter. He granted the withdrawal, postponed the trial for at least a month based solely on that, and we will fight another day on all the other things. But man- that's one uselessly sleep-deprived night I'm never getting back.


On the nicer side, I'd seen several of these posters on telephone poles about a mile or so south of here. Brimming with all this suddenly free time*, I took a second to photograph their entire text. It's just sweet:

There's got to be a Very Special Lifetime Movie coming out of that. Maybe the guy will meet his admirer at Dicamillo's on New Years Eve and propose. If he really wants to be romantic, he could bring his pet goat;)
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