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"You Haul." Just like it says on the tin. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"You Haul." Just like it says on the tin.
That was a day. But one ending happily:O

I had to meet Emily at 7 this morning, an hour east of here, so we could sign out the truck in time for her to get some things gathered (including the cats) for a quick trip to the new apartment before she went to work. I, too, had to go to work near their old place, at 9:30 this morning. That left Cameron (who hadn't had a day off in over a week) to start loading the truck until I could get back over there.

Em wasn't sure how much he'd get done. Admittedly, they were behind on packing, and we would only have this extra load capacity for 24 hours. And, neither Buffalo or local friends would be able to help, so we were looking at two people to move a two-year accumulation of stuff in a truck that was four feet shorter than the one they moved in with.

As Jackie Chan always said when faced with a rushing onslaught of ninjas: Eight hundred against one- ::boots 790 of them in the head::- hardly seems fair.

By the time I got back from court, changed, and headed over a little after noon? Cam had singlehandedly loaded more than half that truck on his own. Including a full-size sofa, futon, dresser and numerous bookcases. All In There before I even broke a sweat.

Which, eventually, I did. Partly because there was still a lot of smaller stuff to be hauled (and a lot of it that had to be boxed up), and partly because it was about 85 degrees out there. It was much the same on the other end, and here even SuperCam couldn't get all of that same stuff up a full flight of stairs to the new place. (The old one was three steps up to the landing and then a four-step flight down to their door.) Still. By the time Emily got out of work around 4, Cam and I had gotten everything out of the truck, and all but one or two Big Things needing my help were already up the stairs. By the time I laid in pizza and pop for them after we got those final big items up, the lawn was clear of all of it. They got the truck back with almost 12 hours to spare, and other than one missing Thing (since found), it's all good.

A few quick views of the almost-warmed home:


The fairly famous orange wall? Now has the sofa resting against it. (If you look carefully, you can see an odd purple stain you couldn't see with the cushions on it, there since they got it last year. Leading me to exclaim, "Oh my God! They killed Barney!"



Their dining room set (gifted by his dad), now in an actual dining room:) That table was one of the biggest bears of the day; Cam thought they'd airlifted it into the last place through an open window, but that wasn't gonna work with a second-floor apartment, so we got the top off it and, even better, managed to retain the hardware to put it back on;)



A not-that-good shot of their kitchen, also bigger than where they moved from; Em had offloaded most of those contents first thing this morning, proving her love of chef-ery:) You can't see in that picture, but they now have a nice thing we've loved about this house: a pass-through shelf between kitchen and living room.


And speaking of things Not Seen:


That's the younger of their two kittehs, who after the major uploading (and their release from Potty Prison), planted himself behind his catbox and refused to come out. His sister was a little more curious, but she cried the whole way there and I'm guessing it will be days if not months before they get their whiskers back from being out of joint.


An interesting sight from soon after I got there: Cameron was accosted, as I was on arrival, by a roaming cleaning lady who was passing out her business card at all the units with outbound-looking moving vans in front. "I do clean outs," she wrote brightly on the card. I doubt the cost would produce much more of a security deposit return than they (with some help from Eleanor over the weekend) could achieve without it, but I'm sure some people in that complex need something more along the lines of Sunshine Cleaning.

Good thing we finished as much as we did, too, because tomorrow, the new complex is paving the parking lot in front of their unit and we would've been hauling over much longer distances from the back of the truck. Also, while humid, it never rained, so there's that:)

This looks like it could be It for quite some time. I finish this entry about 15 hours after I left to start the journey today, but in this case, is really IS all about the destination:)
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bill_sheehan From: bill_sheehan Date: August 27th, 2014 11:16 am (UTC) (Link)
23 years ago, I moved from my third-floor apartment to a unit in the Charlestown Navy Yard, overlooking the USS Constitution. The Unindicted Co-Conspirator already lived in the building, but in a different apartment. Moving her into our new Den of Iniquity was the easy part. Nevertheless, we both swore we would never do this again. When, a year later, we moved as a newly married couple to the sandbar east of Boston called Winthrop, we hired Stimpson & Sons, a moving company that boasted a family member on every truck. 20 months later, when we moved to Chez Maison Casa House, it was the young men of Stimpson who schlepped up and down stairs with amazing stamina.

We're just about completely moved out of Chez Maison Casa House to our new home in the Undisclosed Location almost a hundred miles away, and we've moved every blessed box ourselves. Pack up the boxes, fill the surprisingly capacious hold of the Black Pearl (a Nissan Murano), drive almost a hundred miles, and into the basement with 'em. There are now 10 industrial-strength shelving units down there, and 8 are completely filled.

Never again. The next time any box gets moved, it'll be the box I'm in.
yesididit From: yesididit Date: August 27th, 2014 04:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
i moved 7 times in 6 years before moving into my townhome. stayed there 3 years before moving into my house. i hope to never ever move again. i have waaaaay too much crap.

the worst move i ever helped with wasnt one of my own tho. it was to help an 8 month pregnant friend, her husband who was scheduled to have knee surgery within a month, move into a 3rd floor apartment. just the three of us. in january, in minnesota. and i had bronchitis at the time.
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