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Heading into Fall. Or is it Fail? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Heading into Fall. Or is it Fail?
September began in earnest today, a generally good work day but bookended by relative stupid.

First stop of the day in Rochester was the appellate court where those briefs from recent days had to be delivered. They were, but not without a bit of diversion.

Rochester hosts one of the four intermediate-level appellate courts in the state, covering roughly Buffalo to Utica in longitude and most of the western width of the state. When I began practice, the court occupied the top floor of the hideous Soviet-style Hall of Justice downtown, but about halfway through my career to date, they got themselves a spankin' new building all to themselves in the East End of the central core. I've been in there exactly once that I can remember before today, for a rather forgettable losing argument.  That time, we were appealing the order, and that's a massive printing job- not only your brief, but "the record," a nitpickety reassembly of the entire contents of the previous court's actions.  For those, appellate printers do the job.

This time, though? Other Side appealed, so all I had to deliver was a brief, with those lovely red covers (socks optional;) so I went in the same way I went in the last time for argument, to drop them off in the clerk's office.

The M. Dolores Denman Courthouse is what my mom would've called "fancy schmancy." Glass entrance, spiral staircase to the main floor with all the action, hallways filled with portraits of and citations about Justice Denman and others who preceded her in presidingdom. First, though, the usual metal detectors to keep the loons out, which I proceeded to walk around while flashing my Attorney ID.

To which a burly deputy replied, "Sir we don't accept those here anymore," herding me and my stuff to Magnometerville.

I thought, What DO you accept- Visa and Mastercard?  (I held these words to myself; can't be careful enough with armed officers these days, much less the judges upstairs directly able to disbar me;)

Somehow, I got through without stripping down to my skivvies, and passed through the Hall of Respect on the way to the clerk- and was promptly sent straight back out the door.  You can't file briefs in here- this is a Clerk's Office!

No, that's the job of Shipping and Receiving. Back down the spiral staircase, out the door, round the corner to a brutalist wall with an open-from-inside-only metal door and, quite possibly, a missing sign that used to say "Beware of the Leopard." Only the intercom in the doorframe would save my appellate bacon, and fortunately, it worked. This time, only my package was metal-detected, and it was duly stamp-stamp-stamped and I was sent happily on my way, with even an invitation to park illegally right outside the door next time.

Eventually, I figured out the reason for the extra security. Since these are the judges in charge of disbarment, all potential "respondents" to such charges must enter that building eventually for their hearings. Most of them will still be in possession of their Attorney ID's at least the first time through. I suspect that one of the prospective ex-lawyers tried to bring in something more dangerous than their oral arguments at some point, and hence, we all now get the full TSA treatment going in there.

Next trip will be January, when the briefs will be argued. At least I know to have clean underwear and all my wits about me that day.


Could've used a spot of wits at the end of the day.

Work, after that experience, was fine. Met with the client who I worked a bit for yesterday (and stressed about meeting for most of the surrounding 24 hours), which went okay as far as we could go. Then a first appointment with some new business which, by this time tomorrow, I should know whether we have. All done in time to get home to feed animals and head out to my (much-needed) first workout class in almost two weeks, which I got home from to a lovely dinner, a freshly-updated computer,....

and no gorram cell phone.

I HAD it at the gym. I SWEAR I grabbed it and my water bottle before heading home, but it's not anywhere I can see it (and hearing it is useless since I muted the damn thing during the class). So it's either still there (Sally didn't see it), at my office where I stopped a minute for mail, or buried in some stupid car-or-house locale.

Tomorrow.  I've turned the forwarding off and am not going back to the gym until my day is over, round 4:30. (PM. Yes, there are two, and yes, Sally will be there at 4:30 AM, but I'm not THAT crazy.)

I will check usage tomorrow morning to make sure it didn't fall into enemy hands, but in the worst of cases, it's just lost. Damn thing is starting to go, anyway; the contract was up three months ago, the on-off button is failing, and it's starting to select random and almost creepy mood matches of song tracks on it that just pop up out of nowhere, at least when you hit the failing on-off button to check the battery life. (It was a weird Blues Brothers song the other day.)  So it owes me nothing, and with the Supposed Six coming out next week, it's probably a good time to get a deal on a 5 (I've been stuck on 4 for over two years now).

Only if it's gone for good, or busted, though.   And I like the idea of cutting the cordless with the thing once in awhile.  I've gotten Zen-like about the increasing occasions where I forget the phone, asking myself before turning back, Do you REALLY need it for this long away? As often as not, the answer to that is, No- and the world somehow survives being out of touch with me for one, or two, or this time maybe almost twenty hours.

Except for those Living Social mani-pedi deals I'm always getting twice a day. How can THEY possibly survive without bothering me?

ETA. "I can explain that, Sir; I'm an idiot."


At my office. I completely forgot Apple provides a FindMyPhone thing through iCloud.

So you can call me after I go out tomorrow to Unexpected Breakfast. Which would be a good name for a band:P
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yesididit From: yesididit Date: September 4th, 2014 01:01 am (UTC) (Link)
ok i can see how that would be a neat feature to have on a phone! as it is, i frequently use 'wheresmycellphone.com' because i lot the damn thing around the house.
captainsblog From: captainsblog Date: September 4th, 2014 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I was just lucky that the phone still had a charge and the GPS was enabled.

In early cellular days, I once had a phone stolen out of my hotel room. (I either forgot it or, as likely, it was so new I just wasn't used to carrying it yet.) The mobile company did have online billing information back then, so I was able to go to the primitive "internet kiosk" in the lobby and track the calls being made from the phone. Turned out the thief had ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the hotel. I left "myself" a voicemail telling the guy he was busted, and if he returned it to the front desk, there'd be no questions asked. He did. The manager asked if I wanted to prosecute, and I said, "Nah, prison would probably only make him smarter."
yesididit From: yesididit Date: September 4th, 2014 01:40 am (UTC) (Link)
yeah sadly prison seems to be where you go to learn how to be a better criminal.
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