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Last Exit? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Last Exit?
I think there was a meeting at church tonight, at which our congregation's Poobahs were to consider (again) adopting a wishy-washy version of a Welcoming Statement to let LGBT people know we're not QUITE as horrid Methodists as some using the name. It was postponed from a month ago; I was promised notice of it, which I only got out loud from the minister a few weeks ago; but it was not on the church calendar this week, and I wound up unable to attend anyway.

It's just gotten old.  This should be as brainless of a no-brainer as they come. The doctrine is wrong, and our vows to "resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever form they present themselves" should be all we need. But even this baby step of a correction has been considered, committeed, surveyed, modified, tabled and ultimately bored to its near-death.

Therefore, I'm done with It. And unless the powers that be manage to surprise me with positive action, I fully expect that I will be done with Them.

The one place I never joined a Methodist Church was in Ithaca. It had one, but it was down the hill and I liked my Sundays off back then (or I was working on them) They ultimately became the church home of one of the ministers who christened Emily, an amazing woman who died very suddenly and sadly a couple of years ago. St. Pau's became one of the first UMC's in New York to embrace Reconciling Ministries, and it's one of the regional leaders in the movement. Unless our current church, or another nearer one, takes this simple reconciling step to our brothers and sisters- until we become at least as progressive in our rules as the Dallas Fucking Cowboys- I will get in touch with the current minister there and offer them my prayers, my gifts, my service and my witness- presence maybe a little less so.
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