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Sadness in the air. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sadness in the air.
Next month will mark my 30th anniversary of my working as a lawyer in Western New York, almost all of it spent to some extent shuttling between its two largest cities. Buffalo is much larger geographically, still a bit bigger in population, but the metros are about the same size, and most scales of daily things (media, political influence, culture) are close.

In one respect, though, Rochester has always stood out to me, both as a resident and as an outsider: it's a much "smaller town" in the sense of connectedness. Just yesterday, I was in a downtown Rochester building and recognized two lawyers I hadn't seen in years (decades, in one case) in the elevator. That rarely happens here. I'm more likely to see names I know in practice, on social media, and, unfortunately, in obituaries.

Sadly, today ended with one of those- not people I knew personally, but certainly knew well- and who were even more closely connected to a friend.

You doubtless saw the news today of the small plane crashing near Jamaica. I'd been away from Teh Webs all day, preparing filings, visiting a friend's office and ultimately settling a troublesome case in the late afternoon. By the time I got home, I saw, and knew, the names of Larry and Jane Glazer:

No developer held greater significance or hope for Rochester than Glazer. He was the CEO and managing partner of Buckingham Properties and owned or managed 13 million square feet of real estate in the city, including Xerox Tower, the Bausch + Lomb building and Midtown Tower. He had eyes on developing the rest of Midtown.</p>

Other projects included Alexander Park, Buckingham Commons, the Michaels-Stern Building, Ellwanger & Berry Building, Water Street Commons, Cascade Commons, Monroe Square and the Washington Building.

Early reporting has conflicted on whether Larry was related to the Glazer family (also native to Rochester) that owns the NFL Tampa Bay franchise and the Manchester United soccer team. But I did confirm a very sad connection very quickly: a dear friend of mine from the past few years, active in Rochester and Northeast media for many more, is a cousin of the deceased. Scott's wife has had major health problems over the past year or so, and wound up being treated for them in Indiana earlier this year. Larry Glazer flew Scott home from Fort Wayne to Rochester on the plane that crashed today. He and Lisa are shocked and heartbroken and are in our prayers along with the Glazers' immediate family- three grown children, six grandchildren and a golden retriever.

Jane was not as well known in the business community, but she was an entrepreneur in her own right. She formed a company called QCI Direct that took over a large suburban factory from a merged-out-of-existence printing concern, turning a one-woman operation into a major employer of 100 people in the area. One of them was a client of mine who, faced with the sudden death of her own husband, got a good job and a lot of caring from the company in her own time of need. I never knew until today that Jane Glazer was the woman behind that business, and those employees need your prayers and good juju, as well.

Savor every precious second of your lives and the things and especially the people you love. For me, that includes everyone reading these words.

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