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Can the Doctor save the Union? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Can the Doctor save the Union?
Seems weird. A decidedly Scottish-accented Doctor takes over, and the bloody country is on the verge of splitting up.

There remains virtually no coverage of it in this country, despite the potential for broad international implications once the Scottish population votes on independence a mere Twelve days from now (Eleven if you're actually in the timey-wimey zone in question). But polls are now showing the Yes side starting to pull away.

It opens a host of questions, which I can only ask, not having a clue as to how they would be answered:

* Who gets the permanent Security Council seat at the UN? Or does either? We've only had this level of political change in the Original Five twice in the almost 70 years, and those answers were both simple and distinguishable ("Nationalist" China's permanent seat going to Mao in the 70s, and the USSR's devolving on the Russians in the 90s). Presumably, both nations have sufficent history, resources and weaponry to stake a claim to it. Alternatively, others could argue that neither has sufficient history without the other, and perhaps the Germans (who, after all, have been running the country for the past 200-odd years anyway) could make a claim to it finally being their time. (Just whatever you do, don't mention the War.)

* Does an imperial ton of Union Flag (Jack) merch suddenly get trashed? With no Scotland in Great Britain, there's no blue background and no white on the X anymore. Gizmodo offered some suggestions ranging from the familiar (combining only the St. George's cross of England and the St. Patrick's cross of Ireland).

- to the downright Huh?!?-

That last one incorporates the Hand of Ulster and the Welsh dragon. Or, it could change not at all, especially if the Powers that Beeb choose not to accept the outcome; after all, we never took stars or stripes off Old Glory once several of THEM tried to go packing.

* Show me the money! Will the Scots adopt their own currency, move to the euro, or try to continue directly or indirectly with sterling? All are in play, and No supporters are trying to imply the latter is Just Not Cricket.

* What becomes of Her Majesty and, eventually, Ears? Early reports are that Scotland will continue to recognise Elizabeth as monarch, although possibly fiddling with the roman numeral; others are that there will be a prompt referendum to rid the North of such nonsense. Even if the monarchy remains, the question arises as to Charles's necessary actions to take over the job; the Church of Scotland has suggested that he will need to have a separate coronation, laying hand on the Scone of Stone (which the Scots finally got back in the 90s) before he will be able to officially bop over to Balmoral.

* Finally, what does become of the treasure trove of culture that now comes from the BBC? Does it become the EBC? Does Twelve return to his native nation and do Daleks start prefacing their "Exterminates" with ""Ois?"  And if this independence business gives the Welsh any ideas, what becomes of BBC Cymru? ("You do realise that they film in Cardiff now.")

It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks here whilst we figure this all out. But I'd best get on to the third episode while there still IS an Auntie as we've all known her:

Men! We're Men in TARDISes! TIGHT TARDISes!
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: September 7th, 2014 01:47 am (UTC) (Link)
For your flag, would need to add Cross of St David for Wales. However, I've found several wildly different pattens listed as that.

I'm more concerned that if the A**holes (I mean the YES side) wins, that it will revive the Quebec Separatist movement. I was starting to get used to NOT living with political instability. Maybe need to rethink that buying a house idea.
thanatos_kalos From: thanatos_kalos Date: September 7th, 2014 01:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Finally, what does become of the treasure trove of culture that now comes from the BBC? Does it become the EBC? Does Twelve return to his native nation and do Daleks start prefacing their "Exterminates" with ""Ois?" And if this independence business gives the Welsh any ideas, what becomes of BBC Cymru? ("You do realise that they film in Cardiff now.")

It's late & I'm tired, but the short answers, based on my research, are:

Auntie is based in London but has beguin regionalising and has promoted that by pushing Wales = Drama central, Salford for News/Sport, etc. There is a separate BBC Scotland (and BBC Alba) which has some of its own regional programming, but it may or may not stay. Tghat said, because Auntie is SE England focused-- regardless of the regionalisation pretence and I'll send you my diss if you're really interested-- there will be little to change, at least at once.

It's assumed that Scots will still be EU citizens, though there is some debate about that; at any rate, they'd have the right to live and work in the 3-country-UK. Even if not, Auntie hires lots of non-UK talent and there is a special visa for actors and others in the creative industries.

'Oi' is English; 'Oh' is (South) Welsh (cf Gavin & Stacey, TW 3.1). The actors inside the Daleks and voicing them are English, based in Devon and London respectively. One can argue (and I do, extensively) about how this translates the national identity from actor to character.

The Welsh independence movement has always focused on culture and language more than political sovereignty (cf. Griffiths 1994). Plaid Cymru has far less support here than the SNP do, plus there are much closer sociocultural, political and legal ties to England, esp in the politically and culturally powerful south. West and North Wales are very different, but Welsh national identity is extremely fractious anyway, moreso, I'd argue, than in Scotland. I wouldn't expect any sort of referendum here in Wales anytime soon. Scotland also has vast oil and natural gas reserves, don't forget, which is a key reason why they might be able to go it alone; whilst Wales has shale gas which they will no doubt be fracking any time now, it's unlikely to be enough for any long-term economic stability.

And I've no idea what happens to the flag. :P
fiddlingfrog From: fiddlingfrog Date: September 7th, 2014 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
You should start reading andrewducker. Not only is he an interesting guy living in Scotland but he does a daily links roundup post that's usually full of great conversation. You might be particularly interested in his Scotland and independence tags.
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