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Well, Tuesday, actually, but the idea's the important thing.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Well, Tuesday, actually, but the idea's the important thing....
I got to our polling place around 11:30 in the morning; polls had been open since 6.  I was the 50th citizen to bother, and it didn't get much better after that.  Statewide, barely half a million Democrats cast a primary vote for governor. The ragtag campaign of two progressives, who the incumbent refused to mention by name until after the primary, still pulled in more than 30 percent of the vote.

Headlines yesterday were all about CUOMO SURVIVES CHALLENGE, but the real story that could've been a story went unreported. The statewide results show it nicely:

Over 20,000 voters- a significant portion of the voting electorate- tried to put Tim Wu on the November Democratic ticket without casting votes for his higher-profile running mate. Almost 30,000 Cuomo voters refused to cast a ballot for his Blue Dog Democrat choice for the lieutenant spot. And only a final-week flood of big-donor money saved the bacon of the establishment "ticket." Until Tim Wu got a New York Times endorsement and a lot of positive press, there was virtually no coverage of the Lieutenant Governor race- but suddenly, every major Dem politician in the state started talking up Kathy. We got robocalls aplenty from the candidate herself and from current and former U.S. Senators- and the State Democratic committee (which, by law, is not supposed to be spending money on primaries) rolled out dozens of supportive mailers in the last week before the vote to maintain the status Cuomo.

Democrats also succeeded in knocking a brave Republican off the ballot. Mark Grisanti, who cast the deciding State Senate vote allowing gay marriage in this state, was ambushed by a final-week blast of ads and flyers, not from Teabaggers, but from the state teachers' union, portraying him as a RINO and encouraging them to vote for his even Teabaggier Republican opponent. They succeeded in this effort, to make it easier for the Democratic challenger in that district to win in November. It's a sleazy strategy, and I hope it fails; there's talk that Grisanti may finagle his way onto the Democratic line for the general election, and I'd hate to be a teacher going to him to beg for money in future budget negotiations after the way they shat on him.

Other than those, not much happened in primaries around here. Massachusetts is still trying to go back to its Kennedy-era tradition of having three senators (as defeated Republican Scott Brown won a primary to challenge an incumbent New Hampshire Democrat for a seat there). But little of it got any notice, with the sale of the Bills and the whole Ray Rice clusterfudge dominating the headlines the past few days.

Democracy. It's what first-responders died for on this day- and less than two percent of New Yorkers participated in two days ago.

We need to do better if we want to get better.
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