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Life's Little Annoyances - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Life's Little Annoyances
Three appointments today.  One took too long for what it proved to be- yet another spin on the foreclosure-modification merry-go-round for clients of mine- but I did get to meet their new puppy first thing this morning, so that's good:)

The second was at my office- client was on time but also took way longer for what he needed to do than I'd planned.

The third, non-existent: client never showed up.  We'll have to work THAT into next week when I have court every single morning.

Somewhere before the end of the last wait, Emily called: Cameron just got his first speeding ticket. I told them how to handle it and will have to head out there some night in the next month to get it disposed of.

I'm almost afraid to turn to the news today- between more sports-world violence and the reappearance of Trayvon Martin's killer in headlines for road-raging a motorist, I don't think there's enough blood pressure medication in this house to help with it all.

But it was all overcome just now by the Mets finally defeating an opponent at home who had beaten them something like 25 straight times. They did it wearing their Los Mets uniforms; I don't know how they would dare to cambiar those now.

Tomorrow brings a weekend, and hopefully more winning and less annoying:)
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