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Apple-talism at its finest. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Apple-talism at its finest.
The Geeks of the world have their new toy now; the iPhone 6 has been out for more than a day. There's no real breakthrough like with previous upgrades, such as Siri or the first-ever bigger screen that came with the 5. Still, it's the Next Big Thing, and everyone and his bro wanted to be in line for one.

Rather, everyone and his indentured servant. If you've got an iPhone 6 minutes to spare, watch this mini-documentary of how the black market took over the launch date in New York City in Friday's wee hours:

This may not be quite as bad as the guy in LA who rounded up homeless people to stake his claim to iPhone 5s last time, paying them each only 20 bucks and plying them with cigarettes for their trouble (and then abandoning them 10 miles from their shelter when the Geniuses figured out what was going on and refused to sell to them); the folks in yesterday's video did get their phones (every one buying the two-phone maximum, every one paying in cash), and they look to be making meaningful money for their trouble. But there's still something wrong with a market that is so dependent on scarcity and regional restrictions to make these late-night purchases worth so much more overseas than they are where they're intended to be sold.

It wasn't my first second-hand experience with this today. During a midday workout, my trainer's husband came into the gym, as he usually does. This time, he came with a story about his recent purchase of a Mercedes. It was used, and he bought it from a business named (not exactly, but close) "Spectacular Motorcars." Last week, Kirk needed some warranty work done on it, and Mr. Spectacular sent it to the dealer for him. But not to the authorized Mercedes dealership two miles from the gym (where Iggy also goes for his Smartening-ups), but to one in Erie, Pennsylvania, a good 90 miles away.

Hmmmm, I speculated. Sounds like Mr. S. hasn't been paying his bills with Herr Benz on Main Street. To which Kirk replied, Worse.

Apparently, Spectacular ordered and paid for a brand-new Benz from the local dealership, only to turn around and sell it, brand-new, to a buyer in Dubai for quite a few more euros. Neither the manufacturer nor the government is keen on this sort of thing, and both Mr. S and the local dealership got fined $10,000 apiece for this transaction, which the dealer didn't even know about. So while Kirk is welcome to bring his car in there directly, Mr. S and his business are personas N.G. there for as long as he owns it.

It did remind me of one of the truisms gained from almost 30 years of collections litigation, more than a few against car dealers: the more prestigious a name is put on a car business, the likelier it is that they're going to turn out to be a bunch of sleazeballs. High End Automotive is painting a fake picture that Joe's Car Lot doesn't have to.


Back to the other kind of phone-y-ness:

There is no iPhone 6 in my future, even if I had the time to wait through the line. I'm trying to avoid upgrading altogether, but I'm still finding my old 4 to be in need of some help. Just now, I thought I'd found some, from the unlikeliest of places:


This laptop has This Thing called OneDrive. It's Redmond's version of the Cloud, and a few programs on Tobor seem to want to default-store stuff up there. So Microsoft, feeling left out of all the hubbub, took the opportunity to announce that they would make 30 gigs of OneDrive space available to all users, including those using the OneDrive app on the iPhone, to help with the installation of the new phone's large and complicated software needs.

To which I responded, YAY! I can download this app and use the OneDrive space to store enough stuff to get my long-overdue IOS 7 upgrade onto the phone!

Except I can't: you need IOS 7 to be ON the damn phone in order to install the OneDrive app:P

So I'm going for broke here, charging the phone in preparation to delete my entire music collection, which should leave just enough room for the upgrade to install. From there, hopefully, I can restore it all next time it syncs with my iTunes once there's room again.

Or maybe I'll just mail the thing to Dubai and see if something good will sheik out.
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