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Lawyers Behaving Badly.... Again:P - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Lawyers Behaving Badly.... Again:P
Honest, I could make a full-time blog out of these stories- and you'd run away in terror, so I won't. Today, though, you get four, count'em FOUR, different tales of my brethren making all sorts of bad decisions:

* Still no acknowledgement in the Buffalo News coverage about the reasons behind my law school dean's sudden resignation amid charges of perjury.  It's been two days since the alt-weekly broke the story, years since the student newspaper has been covering it.  I can't wait for the next fundraising call from the Law School Development Office; maybe I'll make a big pledge and then tell them later I was lying about it.

* The bigger legal story of the week, though, is that once again, Dear Leader Party Chairmen got together over the weekend and essentially rigged the ballot for the five judges who will be added to our region's trial-level bench come January.  Republican and Democratic delegates have anointed four of a crop of potential nominees through "cross-endorsement," virtually ensuring their election.  The fifth seat will be contested by one from each party, the Republican being a 14-year incumbent with an "outstanding" rating from the local bar association. I have no idea how they're going to spin his exclusion from the back-room deal, and it makes me wish more than ever that both I and my colleagues had taken the idea of challenging this nonsense more seriously back in the spring.

* On the non-judicial side of the local Bar, we have our local hero from 2010, who rode to Tea Party prominence in challenging Andrew Cuomo for governor (and lost in a landslide), and who has since become a member of the Buffalo School Board in addition to his previous private roles as a lawyer, real estate developer and genuine meshugenah. Crazy Carl was at it again last night, where he introduced one of this area's most prominent political pundits as a "worm" (from the microphone) and as an "asshole" (off-mike, but to the man's face).  Stay classy, Horse Boy.

* But we have to leave our friendly confines for perhaps the weirdest legal tale of the week with perhaps the biggest gaffe. A county legislator from my old home town dropped out of the race for New York State Senate after it was revealed that he'd been sued by his former law firm for phony-billing a client of theirs for millions of dollars and bilking them for bonuses he wasn't really entitled to. (He remains in his county legislature seat, which seems right, since it may be a job qualification in Nausea County to be indicted at least once in order to hold public office.) The piece about the kerfuffle in Newsday was paywalled, but they did allow access to a Scribd copy of the state-court summons and complaint against him- and it's a scream. Not only because the allegations and the legal writing about are so completely over-the-top, but because the plaintiff law firm makes a Really Big Deal in the complaint about not naming the allegedly defrauded client- "At the request of the Client, it shall currently remain nameless. Denenberg is well aware of the identity of the Client, having been so informed in discussions with DHC"- and it then attaches an exhibit that NAMES THE CLIENT.

This is one of those things that happens to us more often than you'd think- the more you call attention to your attempt to conceal details, the more likely it is that you'll screw it up. Years ago, one of the judges near here published a decision involving attorneys fees- and he went out of his way to redact the name of the debtor from the dozens of  times he mentioned it in the decision. Yet at or near the beginning of the decision, he generically identified the debtor as being "a publicly owned hospital in X County, New York." There is only one publicly owned hospital in X County, New York, so that went well.

That's enough for one day, I guess- time to upload this, if I can only remember my LJ password....

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