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Magically Malicious - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Magically Malicious
And we all thought Canadians were so polite.

Rob Ford has turned out to be such a rude, obnoxious crackhead, not even his recent cancer diagnosis has gotten him any sympathy. Government officials in BC are a bunch of asshats, as several readers of this page have recently attested. Yet none of them have brought out the vitriol like the douchebag on a bus who's become known in the past few days as the TTC Leprechaun.

That's him, on an all-full #72 bus at the end of a workday earlier this week, when a fellow commuter asked him if he would mind moving his (appropriately named) Bag from the seat on his left so she could sit down at the end of a long day.

"No, my bag is there," he told her.

From there, it escalated into namecalling, F-bombing and some rather unpleasant Canadian Sign Language:

Security cams were unable to help with identification, but the Internet is mighty pissed at Hipster Dude. Already a fake #ttcLeprechaun Twitter feed has begun to try to shame him-


- and polite vigilantes are on the lookoot for his true identity. One of the reports above quoted a source claiming that he works at a downtown TO call centre and didn't show up for work yesterday; probably because he wouldn't have very happy to assist anybody:P

Seems simple enough to me to catch him: stake out the Air Canada Centre on a Leafs game night. Because anybody that douchey has to be a fan, if not an actual member of the team.
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