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If you don't have much to say,.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
If you don't have much to say,....
go with a picture of a cute kitten, right?

One of Eleanor's customers tipped her off to this little guy yesterday. And I do mean "tipped." There's a no-kill shelter in a nearby strip mall, and a mama cat's litter got rescued for fostering after she got run over by a car. This one's lacking a paw, but is totally not lacking cute:

Initially, they were calling him "Tripod," but by the time I went over at lunchtime today, it had been changed to "Trace." Whatever. He and his littermates seem to be doing okay with bottle-feedings and a lot of attention; apparently, this place draws a lot of lookie-loo lunchtime traffic, and they encourage it even if it doesn't produce adoptions, because it helps socialize the rescues.

We couldn't, but a friend of a friend was reportedly considering it, so I went over to get the picture and boost the signal.  Here's their site link if any of these critters could find a place in your home, or if all of them inspire a donation.

Meow (he says, with one cat cradled in his typing hands and another dead asleep less than a foot away).
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