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You win some, you lose some. Hopefully, a lot of each. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
You win some, you lose some. Hopefully, a lot of each.
There's a new cartel in town.

As of this morning, the Buffalo Bills are owned by the Pegula family, which has owned the Sabres for the past two-plus seasons.  The NFL's approval of their 1-plus billion dollar bid means that the team will not be moving to LA or Toronto or any of those other scary places anytime soon.  The vote came as perhaps the most significant Bills game of this century- a  tilt for first place with the perennial division leaders of New Engand- is on the schedule for this coming Sunday with high hopes of a win and a long-overdue playoff appearance.

Meanwhile, on the hockey side of things, the Pegula era begins its newest season tomorrow night, with much different hopes and expectations. Low ones. Intentionally and publicly proclaimed low ones, on the part of virtually everyone in town except the Pegulas themselves and their employees.

When he bought the Sabres, who had been a low-revenue team for years, Pegula opened the checkbook to sign several expensive free agents. Not a one of them remains, and several of them had record years of suck. The entire team finished dead last in the NHL last year, and its only arguably "star" players were all traded away for (mostly) high picks in this and next years' drafts. And that's what makes this season especially weird- for next summer's draft holds the promise of a once-in-a-generation prospect up for grabs. He's touted as the next Sidney Crosby, the Third Coming of Gretzky. And the Sabres have a 20 percent chance of getting to sign him if they finish as poorly as they did last year.

At worst, if they suck as much as they did last year, they will fall to second in the 2015 draft, where another almost-as-good prospect is also forecast. Plus, they hold the Islanders' first round pick in next year's draft, and they have sucked more than they've succeeded over their 40-plus year history, including "winning" a high draft pick last year that they hung onto rather than letting the Sabres pick with it.  So there's even a chance that Buffalo could grab both of these players with the #1 and 2 overall picks, if the Islanders will cooperate with a similar combination of suck and luck and allow us to pick high in the draft based on bad records of both teams.

Buffalo and the Islanders play only three times in the coming season- twice here, once in a late-season farewell to the Nassau Mausoleum before the Fishsticks move to Brooklyn a year from now.  Guys on the radio here yesterday were encouraging a massive bench-clearing brawl between both teams at the start of each of those games- not that we're encouraging injuries, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE WRONG;), but some long-term suspensions of their best players wouldn't be a bad idea for either team's record, given what we're rooting for here.  It's a long season; players on both teams are entitled to some time off.

So a year from now, I'll be whistling a different and happier tune- but for the next 82 game nights, I'm all in for #mcdiveforMcDavid, and will be in the extremely odd frame of mind of rooting for the Maple Leafs over a dozen times in the coming year. Just don't get used to it.
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