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One wedding and an arraignment.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
One wedding and an arraignment....
I had a Town Court trial scheduled for 9:30 this morning. Those are always dens of uncertainty- of how long they will take, and whether the judge is going to play it straight like a normal civil trial or treat it like a small claim and basically do Judge Judy for half an hour.  This one wound up settling, eventually, but not before a couple of unscheduled interruptions.

The first one was a wedding.  Although the judge had set this trial date as his only business for this morning, his wedding planner (aka "Mrs. Judge") didn't know that and thus scheduled it for the middle of our scheduled time.  Since we were talking settlement anyway, he took them into his chambers and married them while we talked.

By the time he got back in, another unexpected visitor approached the bench- this one in handcuffs. Seems he missed two prior court dates and thus got a personal escort to discuss the matter this morning. His attorney made the due apologies; and, speaking of due, noted that his client's wife (I'd seen her, pregnant and a half) was scheduled to be induced on Monday and could His Honor release on recognizance or at least post a minimal bail?

He got the latter, and they left the courtroom a free couple (well, except for the 99/100ths of a child). We then put our settlement on the record, exchanged addresses and pleasantries, and my morning was over.

Except to see the happy couple, and a few friends or family members, in the courthouse parking lot as I drove out.  Women all in colorful saris, men smiling their fool heads off, taking selfies in front of a statue identifying it as a town building.

Every weekend, there are dozens of weddings here. We live not too far from a fairly picturesque village waterfall setting, and on Saturday afternoons the back village road is full of limos and trolleys of wedding parties having portraits done there.  Those couples are downing thousands of dollars (if not many times that) to make sure that every picture, every favor, every moment is perfect.... and roughly half of them will still fail.

Today's couple, with a handful of guests, an in-chambers ceremony and a few pixels of selfies? Somehow I think their chances might be even better:)
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