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Gremlins- the 2014 remake - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Gremlins- the 2014 remake
Somebody must've fed them after midnight earlier in the week, because boy have they been Spikey the past couple of days.

Glitch the First occurred late Wednesday, although we didn't find out about it until last night. We've been watching the new season of Key and Peele on Comedy Central, and I've set the DVR to record their show at 10:30 and the immediately following Daily Show episode at 11. About one a week of Jon is about right for me, but when we watched them last night, it became clear, about 10 minutes in, that we weren't going to get that far:


Yup, in the middle of this story about McChinless trying to defend the success of the Kentucky Obamacare Exchange website while still seeking full repeal of Obamacare itself? Yertle was so boring that he turned the cable box off. We thus missed the subsequent throwdown between Stewart and O'Reilly on the subject of white privilege (what, Bill-O, you thought you were gonna get to plug your Patton novel?).

I suspected it was a hardware issue, although the setting button on the cable box revealed no setting that would eliminate the power-save mode. But after a quick chat with a Time Warner rep (from Minnesota Niceland, based on her accent), we discovered that they'd pushed through a setting change to all their cable boxes a week or so ago (to save wear and tear on them from always being "on" while idle), and she walked me through overriding it.

So by next week, hopefully all the Slap-Ass glory of both shows will be there for the full hour.


The other gremlin attack was also a stealthy one from earlier in the week.

As I mentioned a few posts back, our primary bank debit card got replaced thanks to the More Saving (their Own Money), More Doing (harm to their customers) power of the Home Depot.  Hackers had compromised not only card numbers but the PINs on them, and the new card and PIN both arrived, separately, within the past week or so. I think I've updated all the places that use it for autopay, but getting cash yesterday, I forgot about the PIN change and entered the old one three straight times- enough to get a BAD RAY NO WITHDRAWAL notice from the ATM.  Fortunately, I carry an unhacked ATM card for the same account, and I got what I needed by using it instead,....

but this afternoon, at Wegmans, I tried the "use as credit" option on the debit card (not requiring the PIN) and it was declined, despite there being plenty in there to cover it. So THAT meant another trip to Customer Serviceland to get the card unlocked and a new PIN set on it. At least they didn't force me to start using a THIRD new card in three weeks, with all the attendant changes of separate accounts which that would entail.


I also had significant communication issues with a variety of clients, and I also suspect that the sound is starting to go on my phone, so whichever gremlins are causing those can also GTFO, too, if you please.
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