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Floored. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Every journey begins with a single step. The past two weekends, there have been a lot of them at ground level.

Three years ago, Eleanor replaced our kitchen floor. Herself.  The previous owners had slapped a cheap piece of linoleum over the 1960-era original flooring which 15-plus years of us (and 10-ish of large dogs) had reduced to shreds in spots, and she selected the replacement tiles, ripped out the cheapo stuff (I may have helped a little with that), leveled the playing field, and then put down the new one tile by tile. It's beautiful, but it gets a beating from, especially, the four-legged traffic, and a few times a year it needs to be cleaned from the ground up.

Last weekend was the first time she's asked me to help in that process, and once I got over the initial fear of screwing it up, I wound up getting the past months of gunk off of about a quarter of the floor, plus doing some hauling work around her sides of things.  Here's a picture I just saw, that she got of me from my "good side" last Sunday:

Wow. Ebony's butt notwithstanding, you can really see the difference between the scrubbed and the not-yet-scrubbed portions.

It looked great by the time we finished all of the squares (I made more than a few Paul Lynde jokes to keep me going through it) - but the final step in the job is the sealing, which Eleanor did while I was out at gym and office late this morning. I told her I'd be late getting home because I needed to work on a project involving use of the office copier and library, which she said would be fine, since I wouldn't be likely to walk on the floor while sealing and drying.

Except I was- because when I got to the office, the front door was propped open and a van was parked in front of it- for the workers who are, what else?, laying all-new carpeting in the place today.   The floor was about half covered in new carpet, but the rest, including near the reception desk and (key for me) right outside the library were stripped of rug and full of sticky goo.  I tried bivouacing in the (fairly small) library itself, but almost instantly, Installer Dude asked if I was going to be long, because the place was about to get even stickier and a lot louder as they worked on that very spot.

I asked if they'd be there tomorrow- he said no- so I grabbed a couple of key volumes, along with all the stuff I brought in, and headed back home. Floor's still not completely dry from sealing, but I at least got a first draft done which I can finish, along with all the copying, sometime tomorrow.

Maybe I'll do it during the Bills game. They're scheduled to play at home at 1:00- unless, of course, the Pegulas decide to choose that moment to replace the Astroturf;)
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tilia_tomentosa From: tilia_tomentosa Date: October 18th, 2014 10:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
You never know what and where gets replaced next! ;)

Congratulations on doing all that work, and having a clean floor! :)

And that photo is totally worth seeing twice on my friends page! :D

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