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A Day Full of Multi-Dimensional Thinking.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
A Day Full of Multi-Dimensional Thinking....
It began with me finally getting the chance to announce, and lead our congregation in reciting, the Welcoming Statement that has only been under discussion for just short of a year and a half.  I was given credit for all the "prodding" that went into getting us this little bit of far on the path to full inclusiveness, and I then shared this, officially, for the first time:


The full version, including the explanation more specific to LGBT members, is below the cut:

    The recent turmoil within the United Methodist Church with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity has caused us to reflect on what position we should take as it relates to acceptance and participation in our own congregation at WUMC.
    As members of the United Methodist Church we are called to inclusiveness.  The Book of Discipline states:  “We recognize that God made all creation and saw that it was good.  As a diverse people of God who bring special gifts and evidences of God’s grace to the unity of the Church and to society, we are called to be faithful to the example of Jesus’ ministry to all persons.  Inclusiveness means openness, acceptance, and support that enables all persons to participate in the life of the Church, the community, and the world.  Thus, inclusiveness denies every semblance of discrimination.  The mark of an inclusive society is one in which all persons are open, welcoming, fully accepting, and supporting of all other persons, enabling them to participate fully in the life of the church, the community and the world.  In the United Methodist Church inclusiveness means the freedom for the total involvement of all persons who meet the requirements of the United Methodist Book of Discipline in the membership and leadership of the Church at any level and in every place.”
    Inclusiveness provides that at every level we are open to all people in all settings on a fully equal basis.  There is no distinction made because of racial or ethnic background, national origin, gender, age, handicapping condition, or any other condition.  The aforementioned categories are all ones that have been specifically named in United Methodist publications.  Recent events, however, have highlighted the need to raise the awareness of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and to affirm that we are open to all on a fully equal basis.
The Church of Jesus Christ is the institution that God has charged with the ministry of reconciliation.  There can be no reconciliation until every group’s gifts and talents are valued by the entire community of faith.
Our new Welcoming Statement at Williamsville United Methodist Church, as noted below, reflects our desire and journey to be ministers of reconciliation and inclusiveness, to denounce all current forms of discrimination, and those yet not known to us:
We welcome you to the Williamsville United Methodist Church in the name and sprit of Jesus Christ, offering openness, acceptance and support that enables all persons to participate in the life of the church.  All are welcome.

More steps need to be taken, both by us (in proclaiming the welcome beyond our own walls) and toward us (as the men and women and couples being "welcomed" find out how they'll actually be treated if they take us at our word), but for today, it's an accomplishment in which, pardon the pun, I take Pride.


We then ended our day with a viewing of "Flatline." Key in that sentence is "we," since Eleanor has been out of the Who Loop in this house since probably Nine's season. She quite likes Capaldi from other things, and had enough of an Alien Contact High from some other viewings of mine to give it a try, and she found it fun and less poundingly loud than those earlier eps had been. I'll spare the spoilers except to say that "Flatline" proved, far better than any promise I could've made to Eleanor, that Doctor Who truly is a Thing.


Eleanor returns to a more normal work schedule this week (her boss was on vacation all of last), and I'm not too crazy in the coming days, either, although the morning into early afternoon will be quite busy. Fortunately, the Bills won in a literally-last-second comeback, so people will be in a good mood tomorrow:)
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