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Three from the Pet Department: One Happy, One Sad, One HUH?!? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Three from the Pet Department: One Happy, One Sad, One HUH?!?
Once in awhile, people I know become famous, even if in limited ranges of time or media. I have published-author friends approaching a dozen (not counting several I've become friends with after that accomplishment), have had Met blogger friends appear on telecasts, in documentaries, and throwing out the first pitch or doing the "Play Ball!" call; and, unfortunately, am acquainted with more than one convicted felon.

Yet when the fame comes from the world of animal rescue, that's even better- and I give you three stories from that special place where the 15 minutes go on forever.


Our LJ friends urbpan and cottonmanifesto have a wonderfully long history of fostering rescue dogs- mostly puppies, and mostly pitties. Their LJ pages are full of their pictures, their development, occasionally their health problems, and always their bittersweet bye-byes when they go on to their forever homes. In the past week, though, much of New England, and even more of the world, became familiar with their latest rescue, who had as amazing a backstory as any author of fiction could ever imagine. Meet Pocket, who last week made it to a trending story on Buzzfeed:

When an alleged drug dealer was arrested in Lawrence, Massachusetts, officers made a rather remarkable discovery in one of his pockets.

A tiny puppy!

The American pit bull terrier, thought to be around 3 weeks old, was handed to a local rescue centre before being treated by vets at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Waltham. The veterinary group said the puppy was extremely unwell when it first arrived.

It was vomiting and had diarrhoea, “potentially life-threatening conditions for the tiny pup, separated from her mother”, they said.

“I was actually shocked at how tiny she was – she didn’t have any teeth and was just like a tiny loaf,” Alexis Bywater, the puppy’s foster mother, told 7 News.

Vets said the dog’s initial prognosis was grim, but after a day of supportive care things began to improve.

The puppy is now expected to make a full recovery and could be discharged today. The female puppy has been given the name Pocket because of where she was found.

Alexis and Jef have set up his own unofficial fan page on Facebook. Bring tissues- and treats.


You'd wish that all these stories had happy endings, but we learned of one that didn't: the three-legged kitten from a couple of weeks ago, named Tripod when we first heard about him, didn't make it. His mommy died in a car crash, and the missing paw was something at birth, so he had two big strikes on him right from the start. Still, he got a lot more love, care and sociaization in his short rescue time than many strays will ever know, so at least he went to Rainbow Bridge with a heart that grew almost as much as the missing fourth paw.

They have a Facebook page, as well, and at last report, at least two of his littermates are okay (and available):


And then there's the one I heard about at the end of today, which I totally misunderstood when I saw it.

We watch very little network TV and even less TV news. The weather is a big deal on the local newscasts, and the current dean of the delegation is the CBS affiliate's chief meteorologist named Don Paul. He's been known as "Pope Don Paul" for many years, and it's not a term of endearment; he tends to be a know-it-all in media and on message boards. Eleanor sees him at the store from time to time, but most of what I see of him, I only see- on the overhead screens at the gym while doing cardio.

Tonight, during the 5:00 Warn Weather segment, what I thought I saw was Pope Don speaking ex insania- totally losing it on the air. For there he was, with a screen of single-digit Edmonton temperatures behind him, while he appeared to be blown across the display by an off-camera fan, and then attacked by a nutty looking dog.

I told Eleanor about this odd weather phenomenon, and she instantly said, Oh, that's probably Ripple.

And indeed it was:

Ripple the dog does not care that you want your weather forecast. Ripple the dog has other priorities.

The one-year-old Shepherd-Mastiff cross joined weatherman Mike Sobel on Global Edmonton on Wednesday and really just didn't care at all that he was on TV. He was much more interested in smelling crotches and getting out of that annoying leash.

To his credit, Sobel really stuck with it despite the canine-induced chaos.

And while the weather forecast may not have gone so well, things are looking up for Ripple. The pup is up for adoption from the Humane Society and there has been a flood of interest in the wake of his newfound fame. You can learn more about giving Ripple a new home here.

So I got the wrong city, the wrong weatherman, but the right message- rescues are the best:)
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ellettra From: ellettra Date: October 22nd, 2014 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
I was so excited to see them on Buzzfeed! Hopefully it garnered a bunch of donations to help pay for her vet bills. She is so dang cute!!
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