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Don't Take the World Serious - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Don't Take the World Serious
I've watched very little baseball all year- only one live game in Queens, none of the Bisons or Wings, and relatively little on television. Last night was the first post-season moment I experienced, and I do mean "moment," because the game was essentially over in the top of the first, put away by a long blast from the bat of Giant player Hunter Pence.

I first became aware of the Mock Hunter movement at that lone August game, adjacent to the Ghost of Shea; fans had begun the spontaneous production of shaming signs, the first of which I saw being hoisted near the Shea Bridge:


pence baths

The Mets went on to lose that game, and season, and here are Hunter and his homies still playing in late October. I couldn't think of a good Mock sign before or after his first-inning heroics, but by this morning, inspiration struck.

One of the other lawyers in our building is quite the baseball fan- Orioles, mainly, though he tolerates the Mets (his son works on the clubhouse staff) and goes kinda crazy around Series time. This morning, he put out two commemorative cookie plates for the two contenders. I slid the Giants ones onto a paper plate and photographed the empty tray with this:

- which, I promptly amended to add, "WITH A FORK."

His team just tied the score in Game Two, so it doesn't seem to be bothering him in the least.
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