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Down by the ollllld mill(ennium) streammmmmm..... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Down by the ollllld mill(ennium) streammmmmm.....
We wound up short of something to watch tonight- we bailed on the Netflix DVD of Steve Carell's magician movie after starting it last night- and after one online inquiry led to another, I made a Quite Interesting Yet Overdue Discovery: Hulu has been showing QI episodes for more than a year. They've got them through the most recently-concluded Series K (series L just started on Auntie this month), and after realising we'd already seen the first of them, watched the second, the "Kit and Kaboodle" episode with Stephen and Alan joined by Noel Fielding, Colin Lane and Ross Noble.

It's an experiment, still- I only have a Hulu login on my older laptop and the pixels went a bit crazy several times during the viewing through that old beast, and the commercials still take some getting used to- but it was just a lovely surprise to see that SOMEONE overcame the rather BBC/BS explanation about why BBC America couldn't air the show.  I'd still rather prefer to buy the DVDs, which are still ridiculously unavailable for any region and even more ridiculously so for our region, but it's nice to have the option now to watch it SOMEHOW in a legal manner.

I just hope Hulu makes it through the current shakeout of the streaming business, which is going through some pretty major changes right now as content providers and deliverers struggle through the "cord cutting" tendencies of the Yutes in this country.  Just in the past few weeks, we've heard news of a major content provider entering the streaming market- HBO promises a standalone service to stream its Thrones and Newsrooms by early 2015- but also news of a major content deliverer suddenly getting out of the streaming business, as Verizon shut down its streaming-side partnership with Redbox barely weeks after it began.

Even with Redbox leaving the streaming market, there's still tons of traffic out there, which will only get more crowded by HBO's further entry onto the streaming superhighway. In addition to Netflix and cable companies' own "on demand" services (which vary tremendously), you've got Apple, Amazon and a host of studio-specific services all competing for your viewing pleasure. Most if not all of them require specific signups, many clog your devices with them-only software, and all are full of digital rights management which make it nearly to truly impossible to save or share the content without encountering the trolls on their toll bridges.

Meanwhile, nice, rights-free, permanent copies of all of these programs (which all originated on over-the-air television someplace) are just a few clicks and CAPCHAs away, if you don't mind the potential viruses. Or popunder porn links. Or, you know, breaking the law in 38 places.

Still, I'll try. Because I wouldn't want to set off any alarms like the one you hear on the show. You DO know what they're called, right?

Sorry, Alan;)
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