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Mite or Mite Not Be a Problem.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat. — LiveJournal
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Mite or Mite Not Be a Problem....
I ended my workday a little early today because Eleanor had made a vet appointment for our youngest kitty.  She's had some nasty ear goo for awhile, and home remedies were not working, so I took her in to check it out.

The first surprising finding was really no surprise at all- "youngest" isn't that young anymore.  Zoey's age showed up on her vet report card as five- which, of course, now makes perfect sense, since Emily was still in high school when we got her, and, yes, it's been that long since she was.

Our more immediate medical conclusion was what it wasn't: not ear mites, or anything else of the tiny-livestock variety that might have caused the problem.  It's more consistent with an allergic reaction to something...

But whaaaaaat?!?!?

(Sorry- we just watched last night's Key & Peele Halloween episode, which was rather full of fake agitas;)

Perhaps the simplest answer might be a diet change. We changed brands for the first time in decades a few months ago, after Tazzer, the old man of the roost, started turning his nose up at some of the varieties of Nine Lives in the various variety packs. So we switched to Friskies (more variety, plus they come in a bigger package, meaning fewer shleps to replenish the stash), and while the noms are disappearing nicely for all three four of them (yes, the dog finishes off the dregs of every can), we're testing whether there's something in the new mix she's allergic to.  So there's that, she's gotten an antibiotic shot for the skin irritation around her ears, and she's back on the steroid she takes when her ashtma acts up (which it hasn't, much, in some time). Finally, while she didn't show signs of fleas or other critters on her, she may be reacting to their presence on others in the posse, so we need to check that over the next day or so, as well.

Zo, of course, did her usual combination of preening and hiding when she got to the exam room- and she's been a perfect pistol since we got home.  We'll need to check back in next month sometime to be sure we're on the right (as opposed to the mite) path:)
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