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(_ _) Behind already;) - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
(_ _) Behind already;)
Well, I downloaded the userpic, at least- but a day of NaNo 2014 is nearly past and I'm stuck on my usual first-day count of zero. At least I've achieved in one day what took me 30 days to accomplish last year- a Big Fat Zero of Nanowritery.

It wasn't for lack of an idea, last time out. I still have It. It's sci-fi of a sort, could be set present or not-too-distant future, and I even have some character names and a first sentence for it. Yet this bunch never inspired me to get out the laptop and bring them to life a year ago and I'm not sure what's changed about that except the laptop.

Then, a little over a week ago, I dreamed something new- or, rather, something based on something rather old. Historical fiction, stemming from a simple conceit: what if X lost Y and Z went on to do ZedZedPluralZedAlpha after that and then we ran out of letters? It could be set anywhere from the past (recent or not-so) to present or even future. It's also been Done, in a couple of different novel forms, but not with the exact parameters as they came to me.

So now I've got TWO sets of characters in search of an author, and neither has yet to inspire me the way some ballplayers did in 2005 or a combination of executives, detectives and hackers did in 2012. My first NaNo win was slow and steady, where the chapters actually tracked my progress; two years ago was a near-month of dearth, with only a few sentences getting down until the final week, when the damn thing wrote itself (and, judging from the completely dead reaction of my beta-readers, should've stayed dead instead).

Still, the pep-talk emails are a-comin' based on the 2012 win, and I've missed at least two local meetups already. Not that any of that ever really inspired the two wins or overcame the several surrounding fails.  But I've got the icon going for me, which is nice;)
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oxymoron67 From: oxymoron67 Date: November 2nd, 2014 08:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have an idea, and I've started it, but it's ... not flowing right now.

I may try to write my next LJ Idol thing first and then get back to this.
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