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Time Turnin' - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Time Turnin'
Monday was, for most purposes, dead like a ded thing. Spent most of it waiting for things to happen that didn't, and worried about how I was going to get through the thicket of time conflicts ahead of me.

Somehow, though, I got through yesterday, a ten-plus-hour door-to-door day with two immovable objects of commitments ridiculously close in time and far in distance- and made it with minutes to spare:)  Only problem was my last-minute realization that I could not file a client's document in a third place in the afternoon because state-court offices, unlike federal ones, are closed for Election Day.

This day, so far, has been essentially a rerun of Monday. Things aren't happening, messages are not being responded to, and I'm still worried about how I am going to get, now, through two days of time-conflict thickets. Tomorrow's the easier one: I have to be here in the morning, while the conflicting commitment is either settled or covered by somebody else. And I think I've got Friday sorted: the earlier judge would not excuse me from attending a 9:15 in Buffalo, but I did get dispensation to show up as late as 11 for my almost-simultaneous hearing 70 miles away.

After that, it's barbecue for a birthday lunch for me and another co-worker, and no more time conundrums (yet) (that I know of) until the 20th.


Election results were mostly disappointing, although the redistricting proposition in our state did pass by a fairly wide margin.  Most surprising is that Rochester's nearly-lifelong Congresswoman, who I (and everybody else) expected to win in a walk, wound up in a dead heat in her race with a relative no-name opponent.  The Republicans took a much lower-key approach to the contest, and most of Louise's supporters just stayed home, thinking it was safe.  That's twice in the past two years that county Democrats have underestimated a challenge to incumbency and got caught with their turnout down.

Other than that, my main reaction to the results will be to stock up on pens- because Obama's going to be going through a butt-ton of them vetoing crap over the next two years:

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