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"A Newt?!?" "....I got better...." - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
"A Newt?!?" "....I got better...."
My day ended much better than it began, once my time-travel conundrum worked itself out by late morning. (I posted, and later updated, a friends-locked entry about THAT loveliness.)  The office went out to lunch for my and a co-worker's birthday at a non-Dinosaur rib joint on Rochester's northeast side. Great barbecue, "food coma" portions, and pressies, in my case, one that was not quite here:

The to-be-signing author is a native Rochesterian, and, Kevin Bacon being who he is to me, said author is also Facebook friends with the Star Trek canonical author of my longest acquaintance, East Meadow's own Howie Weinstein.  Said Howie is also the author of the Puzzler I reposted here the other day, for which I am now calling time, and shenanigans, on.  The question was simply: in addition to all the famous New York Yankees honored in Monument Park in their stadium's outfield, which three former Cardinals, who never played for the team, are also enshrined there?

The answer is as easy as pie, or, in their case,[Spoiler (click to open)]wafer: the three former Cardinals all went on to become Popes- Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. All presided over rather massive Masses at Al-Yanquizera Stadium between the 1960s and 2000s.

We have no winner, which is good, because we don't have prizes or a Shameless Commerce Division, either.


Finished the second piece of Olive Kitteredge tonight, and did it through a newly-acquired Actual HBO Subscription, which will also be good for the final Newsroom episodes that begin this weekend. Eventually, I realized that this also gets me an HBO GO password for my tablet if I want to watch any of those on that device. Or anything else such a password might be useful for....
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