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NTD - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Today, that could stand for:

*Not Too Decrepit.

With my new age come new aches and pains, but I seem to be working through them.

Sunday morning, I awoke with pretty massive pain in my right knee. It's not totally unheard of, but it's the left one which seems more susceptible to it, and I generally avoid the exercises (step-ups to high steps, jumps, and really low bends) that typically aggravate it. Sunday was weird because Lefty was relatively fine, but the right one came, seemingly, out of nowhere. So I tried, first, ibuprofen and then a new arthiritic supplement Eleanor's been using. Each seemed to help, but neither cleared it. Then yesterday I figured I'd try the indomethacin, which I've used periodically for gout for going on 20 years. Two of those capsules later, the thing seems back to normal, and I've done cardio two days straight without further pain.

Then in the middle of last night, during one of the Parades of the Animals, I realized I had a sore throat and said, shit. People have been coughing all around me for days now and it looked to be my time. Yet, for most of today, no cough- or any other seeming symptoms. Then I remembered- I had soup for lunch yesterday, overheated it and the first swallow burned like a mofo- much of it on the back of my throat.  I'm not totally ruling out illness, but I think this is just a case of Chronic Recurring Stupid, which goes well with my other pending case of CRS.


* Not Terribly Deep.

That's the overall weather report for this, but only this, section of the Buffalo area after the past 24 hours of threatened OMGSNOWPOCALYPSE.  The sight out our back door this morning was positively piffle-ly in the snow department:


It never got much beyond that, and for most of the day the sun was brightly shining overhead Yet a mere 15 or so miles from here, a far different weather tale was unfolding, as shown in this picture out a friend's similar window in Alden:


And late this afternoon, another friend took this picture on her way out of downtown (which itself got little snow but was close to The Wall that separates flurries from feet):


The other blessing, compared to the early-season storm of 2006 here, was that most of the leaves were off the trees, and this was mostly a snow (as opposed to ice) event, so not many people have lost power. It's still pounding parts of the region, but we are home, safe and warm for the foreseeable future.

A second round is forecast for Thursday, and these lake-effect bands are fickle enough that we may not be out of the woods ourselves.
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