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News, Weather and Even Sports from Day Two - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
News, Weather and Even Sports from Day Two
For about an hour this morning, we got a taste of what our neighbors to the south have dealt with for more like 48: Eleanor left a little before 8 in whiteout conditions, with the snow coming down at a good inch or two an hour.  My out-the-window view this morning was much more wintry than at about the same time the day before:


That was taken at 9 this morning. I had a scheduled foreclosure auction of a client's property at 10, downtown, with a mixed bag of reports on whether the building would be open (the court part was closed, the clerk part open). Fortunately, by the time I shot that picture, the snow had stopped and remained stopped until a few flurries began an hour or so ago- and by the time I got coffee and onto the still-open Not Thruway to downtown, the sun was again out.

Nobody showed up for the auction, so I headed home- this time stopping on a bridge over the 90 to get this spooky shot of the completely closed highway:


(In the two minutes it took to part on a side street and shoot that, a guy in a passing pickup stopped, asked if my car had stalled and offered to help. Because that's how we roll around here:)

That highway remains closed, with hundreds in both cars and (like the ones you see here) trucks with noplace to go.  Reports vary on whether they've all been offered shelter, and the usual fingers are being pointed at the usual suspects for not closing the roads sooner.


Those flurries we started getting at day's end are a general snowfall, adding a few inches around the region. But Act II of the lake snow is due to fire up around midnight, and while our northern parts are due to get the first of it, by morning the band is forecast to head right back to the track that got up to six feet of the stuff in the first day of this event.  Travel bans remain in effect in those places, as well as in towns to the immediate east of here. My court to the north tomorrow has already been called off, and I have my doubts about being able to travel as scheduled Friday to Rochester,....

where, as of this writing, they STILL have gotten barely anything.  My office was deadly quiet today, which I attribute to so many locals being off work and so many out-of-towners assuming that I was.

They're still talking about a big warmup after this passes, with temperatures in the 40-50F range by the end of the weekend. And that, earth science fans, means flooding and plenty of it. (We have too little to worry about, and our drainage is pretty good anyway, but lots of places in the worst of the snow area will be treading water by Thanksgiving.)


And, finally, there is sport.

Da Bills are scheduled to play a home game on Sunday- in an undomed stadium that someone estimated to have 220,000 TONS of snow in and around it.  Clueless callers to talk shows are already bitching about the competitive advantage the Jets will have if the game is played as scheduled (due to loss of practice time), postponed, or, egads!, moved to Jersey or worse.

The Sabres, meanwhile, literally told their fans not to show up last night, and yet 6,200 of them did, witnessing their first two-game winning streak of the season.  The game had some weird non-snow-related moments: the game's starting Sabre goalie, Michal Neuvirth, was injured early in the game and the only other netminder on the roster went in. But what would've happened if HE got injured?

This would've:

Goaltending coach Arturs Irbe, who last played in the NHL in 2004 and in professional hockey in Slovakia in 2007, dressed in a No. 35 jersey and suited up for the third period in case something happened to Jhonas Enroth. The Sabres signed Irbe, 47, to a tryout contract between periods. Irbe played for San Jose for parts of five years, including 74 regular-season games and all 14 of the upstart Sharks' playoff games in 1993-94.

"I obviously don't want 'Jony' to get hurt or something bad to happen but if I would have gone in I would have had fun," Irbe said. "I know that. Once a goalie, always a goalie."

Fortunately, Enroth made it through the final minutes without much work, but the farm-team goalies in Rochester suck and probably couldn't get to town anyway. So anyone who knows anyone with a goalie mask- other than this guy-

-is encouraged to apply;)

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greenquotebook From: greenquotebook Date: November 21st, 2014 04:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been drowning in work lately and have had no time to keep up with hockey at all, but that story is awesome!
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