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Day Four: Cloudy with a Chance of Normal - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Day Four: Cloudy with a Chance of Normal
The worst of the snow to the south is over, and there was little if any in this area today.  The Thruway sort-of reopened a couple of hours ago; you can enter and exit eastbound from here, but if you get on going westbound anywhere past the Williamsville tolls, you'll have to go all the way to PA before you can get off.  Most of the other closings and driving bans have also ended where they still were in effect.

So I can get to Rochester next week on the day when I have one appointment there, but today's hearing wound up settling first thing in the morning, so I've been mostly home, with few incoming calls and a butt-ton of junk faxes from roofing companies.  They'd do better focusing on the towns where roofs really are collapsing; one unconfirmed rumor is that the southtowns Wegmans at Transit & Losson had a roof collapse, but their website and other news sources have nothing on it.

Eleanor is still not home, and that's not a good thing; with the bans lifted and their southtowns stores unstocked for three days, I'm sure the crazy people were venturing north. That was confirmed by one of my cardio buds (who had the day off from work), who also said Eleanor's store had gotten deliveries intended for the snowbound stores and they were putting them on massive sale to get rid of them.

This Sunday's Bills game has been moved to the domed stadium in Detroit and postponed to Monday night, so that's one less distraction for public safety officials. Tickets, supposedly, are free, but even with that they're not expecting much of a turnout for two faraway teams where neither has a local following or a winning record.  It beats the alternative of trying to play in this:


I've taken care of a few chores in the relative quiet of the day but had better start investigating dinner options so I can help when Eleanor gets in here as whipped as I expect she'll be.
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