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Polar-izing Vortex. - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Polar-izing Vortex.
The 24 hours since my previous post were about as nice a solar day as I can remember having in a good while. The Bills got even better after I hit send last night, totally blowing out their opponent. I got a decent night's sleep at the kids' place, then got to work for a very good day, resolving two long-festering things and even ending it with a somewhat stressful but coulda-been-worse negotiating session. One quick drive later, I was home and we were happily eating and QI-ing together. All in all, good stuff....

Except for the rather significant distraction of the latest "news" from Ferguson and the strife it set off.

I don't mean the rioting. The script was practically written to encourage THAT: Sir, the grand jury report is done! Let's announce it after dark but only after everybody knows it's coming, so we can prey on the protester's emotions and get good B-roll for the 11:00 news of them knocking over cars! No, I mean the whole lead-up to the announcement and divisiveness that followed it. Nobody cares about the facts so much as they care about the symbols- of Law And Order versus the Scary Black Man.

In my brief exposure to him* in the car today, Rush Limbaugh was simply dripping with sarcastic vitriol at his fellow Missourians of the wrong race. At least a dozen times, he referred to the homicide victim, Michael Brown, only as "the gentle giant," never by name. In so doing, he was continuing a trope that's been all the (white) rage on assorted right-wing sites about the Liburul Media portraying Brown as harmless and unarmed despite his undeniable bigness and unforgivable blackness. (Never mind that the cop who shot him was himself only an inch shorter than Brown, professionally trained and, you know, armed.)

The zit-ridden drug addict was positively gleeful that an emotional community had responded as you would expect them to given the long history and recent provocation. Scary Black People Being Scary and Black- Film at 11! Funny thing, though. You know who else ultimately saw no choice but to resort to violence after year after year and beatdown after beatdown of their rights- rights seen to be "self-evident" and "endowed by their Creator," even? Yeah- those Founding Fathers who he and his ilk worship so much. They even wrote a lot of it down in a Declaration which, at the time, was probably perceived by the ruling class as being as rude, as outrageous and as scary as the sight is today of Al Sharpton brandishing a bullhorn.

But, as is so often the case with modern-day Republicans, It's OK If You're A White-Wigged White Guy.

So, no- we shouldn't condone the reaction, but it would do wonders for the future health of this commonwealth if all of us did a little better job of trying to understand it.

And that's all I have to say on this otherwise perfectly lovely November day.

* Exposure to only his voice, fortunately. There's a reason this man never lasted on television, even fully-clothed;)
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yesididit From: yesididit Date: November 26th, 2014 03:24 am (UTC) (Link)
i dont follow the news much. but the outcome was exactly as expected. big massive white police force vs black protestors. um, was there even a remote possibility it would end differently? no. expected outcome.

and the outcome of THAT outcome, was equally fucking expected. poorly fucking planned. could have been SO much better managed. and it wasnt.
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