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Random Thoughts from Pounding the Pavement - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Random Thoughts from Pounding the Pavement
My third year running this thing, after a first year where I desperately wanted to get in and couldn't. This time I was plainly apathetic about the whole event; didn't plan to run with anyone, didn't pick up the packet until late yesterday, and less than an hour before the gun was still cleaning up the kitchen and not 100% sure I'd even head out the door for it.

But I did, and an hour and 6 minutes after running through one chute, I ran through the final one five miles down the road. Didn't see a soul I knew among the 14,000 in the event, but let the 119 years of history and the creativity of the crowd make up for that.

With Guardians of the Galaxy as the soundtrack (a few re-played to get it to the full hour), these were some of the sights that stuck:

1/2 mile mark: already started seeing gloves, hats and bibs laying in the roadway. This was the first time I both managed to remember all my essentials and still had them all in my possession and working (in the case of the earbuds) at the end.

Around a mile: Delaware dips under the 198, a traditional cheering point from both above it and within it.

Two mile mark: Start noticing some of the more interesting costumes. A family dressed as a portapotty, who for sanitary reasons had to stick together.  A mom turkey and her son in a chef's hat brandishing a hatchet.

Near halfway: My first sight of Wonder Woman. We wound up at more or less the same pace for the rest of the day.

Three miles, before Allentown: Rooters with dinner bells and signs: MORE COWBELL? WHO NEEDS COWBELL?

At North Street: giant American flag hanging from a firetruck ladder over the road. High-fived all the firefighters. Thanked THEM.

Also around here someplace- as in past the halfway point. The wiseguy runners who took the thing seriously (winning 5-mile times are typically around 24 minutes) start to appear on the sidewalk running BACK the other way. I hope their knees hurt even more than mine will:P

Passing Statler: Finish line and after-parties are on other side of the building, and I've reached it in under an hour, but there's still a half-mile of loop to go.  Also first sighting of the Green Centipede Family I've seen in prior years.

Final half-mile: Now the wind off Lake Erie kicks in. My gloves and touque, off since the first half-mile, go back on.  There's a half-block of uphill before seeing The End, moved a few hundred feet closer to cut down the congestion in front of the Statler/Convention Center.  I afterburn for one of my longest Actually Running stretches of the whole event before going through, officially, at 1:06:15. Three minutes longer than last year, but I attribute that to the 16F-degree temperatures a year ago that kept EVERYBODY moving fast.

I blew off the afterparty and got on an Urgent Care meat wagon which had me back to the car, then home, by a bit after 11.  Running wash, catching up on some Elementary episodes; kids and grandkitties just got here, and Eleanor should be home soon.
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