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Don't Slouch! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Don't Slouch!
I was going to title today's post "Slouching towards normalcy," only to remember I used that when posting after the kids' car accident last year. The return to "normal" (such as it ever is around here) was much less of a shock to the system this time, despite them being here for the holiday this year and having twice the incoming kitty population as they did during their last extended stay.

All in all, a nice time. Eleanor's posting about it as well, so I'll let brevity avoid some duplication, but,...

* Thanksgiving dinner wound up Friday night here- balancing out last year, when we did it at their Rochester apartment the day before the Day and airlifted in most of the fixings.  By no means traditional, but by all accounts appreciated.

* They spent a lot of Thanksgiving itself, as well as the past two days, with both camps of the CamFam.  His grandmother was hospitalized, and they visited her at least once. They also scored a lot of Christmas-decorating bling from his dad and stepmom, mainly because they're planning a move to a smaller home and are beginning the downsizing. It's kind of weird to see that kind of empty-nesting going round with them- Scott's younger than us, El much more so, and they still have young kids in the house and neither Cam nor his full brother have ever lived with them fulltime.

* We watched the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon with them over Friday and Saturday night. We'd really enjoyed the original together, and it's somewhat surprising that there was a five-year gap between the two, both story-wise and animation-wise. Shouldn't have been; we got our youngest cat Zoey right before the first film came out, which I remember because, had we seen it first, we likely would've named her Toothless on account of her resembling Hiccup's bud.  (In a sort-of turnabout related to that: our friends who were fostering the drug-house-rescused pit bull named Pocket?  Sent her off to her forever home the other day, and her new name is.... Zoey.)

* We thought about all going together to the Stephen Hawking biopic this afternoon, but they were already starting to get into move-on mode as of last night and they headed out a little over an hour ago. Their cats were among the last to be packed and, as usual, were finally acting Almost Sociable around us and the rest of our aminals by the time it was time for them to leave:

I can still remember my Sunday After Thanksgiving itchiness to get away from fam and back to the familiar after this holiday, so I understand completely their wanting to get going- as I hope they understand us appreciating the return of normalcy to our own routines. So far today, I've done some online shopping, copied some videos, and even dented the slag heap of work on my desk from being away two days and then off for two last week; I have four straight days of court appearances scheduled after tomorrow, so anything I can do to lessen that load will only help.

That, and not slouching too much;)
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