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Comings and goings.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Comings and goings....
Going, going, gone-goodbye: My 2014 NaNo. Not a word. Two ideas now in the corral for future use.

Arriving prior to possible departure: Our passports. We are now free to move about the globe until 2024. Not even plans to make plans at this point, although we have mentioned return to the UK more than once, and some puddle-jumping to get to Bulgaria someday to meet our dear friend tilia_tomentosa.

Also arriving, finally: A book I ordered for Eleanor through Amazon before our September anniversary, which they never confirmed shipment on and which I eventually pulled from them and re-ordered, from Powell's Books of Portland via Alibris (a great site for hard-to-find finds) for the exact same price I'd subtracted from my checkbook almost three months ago:

Why that title? Look inside:

Eleanor learned of it through an site devoted to the ASMR phenomenon; there are Youtubes of it being read in the calming kind of voice that can evoke the reaction in her (and apparently in Emily; I seem not to have it).

Going.... slightly batty? I, on the other hand, got to wondering about one of my own mental phenomena today. I saw a review of Foxcatcher, and realized that I have it hopelessly confused with another Very Serious film just released by an unexpected, Usually Very Funny muse: Rosewater. I do this with other bits and bobs of factoids, too: Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet may as well be the same person, as far as my brain-based filing system is concerned, even though I've seen them in dozens of things and would have no reason to mix them up except for the similar cadence in their names. No idea what this means, if indeed it means anything, but I found it worth thinking about. Maybe eventually I'll mix it up with something else about myself;)

Coming.... to a realization about Going. I was working from home for most of today, and got a little worried about the dog. Ebony did not come out for the morning feeding without several calls from me; even odder, she did not come to the kitchen later in the day when I set out leftovers from last night's dinner (at Eleanor's noted behest) in a pot on the floor. (The kitties were more than happy to raid the pot once the lid was off, and with all that extra energy spent a good half hour basically kicking each others' asses tonight.) Then, I finally "got" what was going on: Ebony was missing the kids. She was hanging out close to the front window when I put down the goodies, as she has back to the days of waiting for the kid to come home on the school bus. (She was much better about getting into her noms tonight when I got home, but that's dogs for you: big hearts, not-so-big memories;)

And ending with one final going, or gong? I read earlier that China's government censors print and broadcast watchdog agency is cracking down on the use of puns and other wordplay as being potentially misleading and offensive to Chinese culture. To which one wag, somewhere in my travels today, tweeted back:

Fine, China.

And with that, I must be.... going.
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nimnod From: nimnod Date: December 2nd, 2014 07:49 am (UTC) (Link)
I LOVE that pop-up book!
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