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Bringing the Karma into the Shop.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Bringing the Karma into the Shop....
In my last post here, I mentioned the occasion of last night's dinner out. There were two things I didn't mention, because they hadn't happened yet.

This was our first dinner out together in almost five months; the last was on Eleanor's birthday in July.  That was also the last time that either of us consumed alcohol, until last night. It had become something between a distraction and an addiction, and neither of us ever missed much of the experience. I found I needed A Glass to maintain the tactile and familiar aspect of the evening wind-down, and since July, other than last night, that Glass has contained diet ginger ale. Eleanor's switched to non-alcoholic beer for her own taste needs.

We made last night the observance of the anniversary (which had been the previous day) of our engagement in 1986; it just worked better to go out after we both had workdays and, in Eleanor's case, a late medical appointment. We picked a place near our mechanic's, where I was dropping off my car for its annual inspection, and when the bottle of sauvignon blanc arrived, it was,.... nice.  Not needed, not duplicated. Just a brief diversion to see if it reawakened any cravings or other feelings, and the answer, 24 hours on, appears to be no.

So I think we can make this a sort of peace with the Grape- to go to it on the relatively few occasions we dine out, but not to have it come to us.


Since it was our first dinner out since July, it also served as our annual chance to be kind to our server.

We started this tradition on our September anniversary several years ago, where we'd originally planned an overnight away for the day but wound up too pooped to party and instead dined out locally. We decided to leave the saved hotel money on the table for our waitress, and the gesture was dearly appreciated- enough so that we've repeated it in each of the years we've gone out for the occasion since then.

That didn't happen this year in September, so last night was close enough, and we tipped the very good, very fun server with close to a 50 percent gratuity on the $89 tab. (That number will be important later.) We always tell them what we've done, so they won't worry it's a mistake, but this waitress didn't check the check while we were there and we don't do it for the hugs or the return of the appreciation.  It still felt like a randomly kind thing to do, and suited to the occasion of our return to the world of external cuisine.

I worked from home today, expecting a mail delivery of a long-awaited VHS tape of a movie we've not seen in decades (because it's not on DVD- yet). That did not arrive, but an envelope from a local bank did.

Not one of ours, but one we'd each done business with in the past.  Addressed to me, it contained a refund check and an apology, stating they'd "reviewed [my] account and discovered an error." The only account I ever had with them was the loan to purchase Eleanor's previous truck, which we paid off well over seven years ago- and they're just getting to checking the maths now?!? (Eleanor also had a checking account with them long ago, and she got a small refund check herself on account of something-or-other from them a few months ago.)

The occurrence, therefore, wasn't entirely unexpected- but the amount was.  It was for just over 89 bucks- almost the exact amount of the tab last night that we paid forward to our server.  Intellectually, I know it's just a random coincidence, but it served as an affirmation of kindness that always feels good inside whether rational or not.
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warriorsavant From: warriorsavant Date: December 11th, 2014 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
That's a lovely custom the two of you have. Kudos.
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