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Huh. And I wondered where all those ACME boxes were coming from.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Huh. And I wondered where all those ACME boxes were coming from....
Despite all the cold and snow of the past few days, yesterday was a busy day for comings and goings. We've had tree trimmers from one of the utilities working in the neighborhood, and the sound of chainsaws and, even, singing have been coming from near the yard. Then there's our neighbor across the street, who had a convoy of contractor trucks in her driveway and out on the street. When she was outside briefly yesterday, I got the lowdown on the work: Ellen's having their bathroom completely redone.

Then I asked about the missing cacophony of bark from over there- they have a basset named Bernie Bob and a yippie little Yorkie named Pierre- and she said they were off-premise at a nearby doggie dayspa, for their peace and quiet as well as the workers'. But then she told us about another issue with the little guy.

Pierre had a cyst removed from his schnozz- benign, and healing nicely, by all accounts- but he's been exhibiting odd behavior in recent days. When he goes out on the boys' last before-bed potty run, he beelines for one section alongside the house and will not come back in when called. When they do get him to come in, he appears disoriented. This is not happening at the spa, so it's got to be something in, around or under their house. She spotted some tracks, took pictures and posted them- and a Facebook friend made a quick ID of the critter:

Houston, we have a coyote.

They're not unheard of around here (at least by visual evidence- I've heard no howling), but boy would one of those make short work of a terrier. We've warned our neighbors to our right, since they have a small but thinks-she's-fierce little shiba inu who's been known to try foraging next to her own house in search of varmints. Ebony's probably big enough to at least warn us of a fight, but Zoey also tries to get out- all barely eight kitty pounds of her- and she'd barely make a snack for such a predator.

This post is, of course, brought to you by roadrunner.com.
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