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This is not the post I was looking for.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
This is not the post I was looking for....

I rather expected to be writing about something else, which I probably soon will.

I didn't expect to read stories today, annoying me as all such stories do, about digital rights management restrictions affecting coffee makers and Danish furniture.... but I did.

I didn't count on the Bills keeping their playoff hopes alive by beating arguably the best offense in the entire league, holding the Green Bay QB to no touchdowns, two interceptions and a safety-causing sack in the end zone, with Buffalo's only touchdown and both INTs coming from two guys that weren't even on the team two weeks ago, one of them named Rambo,.... but they did.

I knew we were sending a Christmas ornament home to Emily, not expecting it she'd already have it hung and attempting to exterminate one of their cats by early this afternoon-

-but she did.

When the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD disappointed tonight (not the film- that was last night) by containing only one under-a-minute "bonus feature" and we switched to a QI, I couldn't have expected it to feature an Alan Davies joke involving Julius Caesar and the impracticality of his crucifying the pirates who once kidnapped him because they had hooks for hands.... but it did.

And, just now, when I watched the last-ever episode of The Newsroom, knowing full well that Sorkin killed off my favorite character last week, I had no way of expecting that by striking him down, he would become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.... but he did....

just as I didn't expect to end up in Memphis.... with no idea of how I got there.

Good evening.

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