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Silent Night, Holy Coincidences! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Silent Night, Holy Coincidences!
The workday didn't get busy, for some reason, until around 2 this afternoon. By then, I'd done my final Christmas pressie runs, delivered gifts to various friends and co-workers, and had two rather odd experiences.

My second stop of the day was at the Wegmans closest to UB- picked, as I did on Black Friday, because the students would be mostly away and the place would therefore be hopefully less crazy than Eleanor's store. Which it was, but not by much. It was still a wait for a parking space, but I snagged one, even getting to pull through to one that pointed out, a valuable consideration with crazy people in the car park. Plus, it was right next to a cart corral. I loaded up my cart and headed back to the corral, hauled all four bags between my two paws for the quick deposit in my car, and.... nothing. The keyfob no workee. I was almost reduced to cursing the technology and using the actual key to get in when I finally saw the Cosmo on the passenger seat and realized:


There are very few Honda Insights around here; I actually see more Smart cars in my travels. But this one was the identical color and was in an almost identical spot relative to its front-end direction and corral proximity. Mine was several rows over; fortunately, all four bags got there without incident.


I continued on rounds, delivering gifts to officemates and, finally, my annual exchange with a good friend who I share a lot of business with. I handed her the bottle of champagne I'd picked out, only to get back the identical one from her. We've been exchanging bottles for years, but I'd never gotten this one for her, nor vice versa. At least I didn't try driving off in her car:P


Kids will be here Christmas morning; most of the things for them are laid in and I think they'll enjoy them:) Hopefully the last-minute fires from late today will put themselves out early in the day tomorrow, so I can end the workweek with the second half of Cabin Pressure and a long week-end of good family company:)
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