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Going, going, Gone Girl.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Going, going, Gone Girl....
Emily and Cameron left at about mid-afternoon, after we loaded them up with all the assorteds we talked about earlier. Cam got word that he is starting a new construction job first thing this week, not next week as he had originally thought. That will take quite a load off their finances; his previous gig was becoming very unreliable in terms of both hours and communication about his hours; the new outfit is doing mostly indoor work and they say they have at least 40 a week for him.

With all the distractions of the past couple of days, we didn't get to pull the Christmas Crackers until about the final few minutes of their visit. The enclosed silly hats were promptly modeled, with help, of course, from both the spectators-

-and a rather uninspired silly hat-wearing puppy-

After they left, I finished listening to the final Bills game of the year- a meaningless victory that ended in near-record short time- and then headed off for cardio with my 54th read of the year on my tablet, waiting to begin.

Wherein, as they say, hangs a tale.


When the movie Gone Girl came out, I'd heard good things about the novel, and tracked down an e-book copy through the library.  Two days ago, word came through that it was finally available for download. (Our 37-branch system is only allowed one copy of most best-sellers in this format.) I did the download, and only then discovered the virtual headphones on the icon; they also get one copy of the e-audiobook to circulate, and that's what was mine for the next week.

I'd tried audiobooks before, through a brief Audible trial (getting through all three installments of Hunger Games in that format), but I found them slow going and hard to hear in places like gyms that have lots of ambient noise.  I gave this one a brief shot, but the Nick voice wasn't especially easy to listen to (Carolyn McCormick's HG reading made that trilogy far more tolerable), and my current tablet has a much lower max volume than the previous one did back then.  So when I finished, I headed over to Wegmans to see if they had it in a mass market paperback version.

No, but the more expensive trade paperback version was on sale, so I took it to an express register, which immediately expressed its refusal to honor the price.  I didn't want to hold up a quick line, so I paid and took it to the service desk- after checking back to be sure I hadn't grabbed the wrong book from the spot on the shelf.

Service Desk Dude also went to check, and came back with a sad face- "Sorry, but that expired yesterday," he said, showing me the shelf tag (which he at least removed from the shelf- one of the big yellow ones I now know are called "talkers," with the lower price in big numbers and the "through 12/27" in much smaller type).  I left without an argument- we were talking three bucks here- but it bugged me on principle. Pricing is, literally, Eleanor's main job in that store, and I'd always understood that expired signs were still fair game if the store hadn't gotten round to taking them down.

Turns out, I was right, and it was as much a matter of principle for her- enough that she called in to the service desk from the kitchen, identified the SDD who had turned me down, and went straight over his head to confirm that I'd been done dirty.  Not only should they have honored the price, they should've issued a $10 "super refund" that county law requires when scans and signs fail to match.  Instead, I will be getting a full refund of the book's $15 price when she next gets into work.  That is not on account of her working there; it's just making sure that I wasn't treated any differently than any other customer should have been, and to educate SDD on what the shelf tag discrepancy rules really are, before it does become an issue with a cranky customer or, worse, a county Weights and Measures employee.

Now just to hope that the book doesn't mysteriously go missing;)
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yesididit From: yesididit Date: December 30th, 2014 01:41 am (UTC) (Link)
sometimes its good to complain! free book! free book!
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