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Having Spit-takes rather than Epiphanies - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Having Spit-takes rather than Epiphanies
Church observed the Epiphany today, two days ahead of its actual occurrence, and I was manning the lectern, trying not to lose it.

Our routine is that the liturgist (that's me!, once a month or so) reads the first lesson, while the preacher does the gospel. So today I drew an innocuous passage from Isaiah. Innocuous, that is, except for the fact that Eleanor had just shown me this video from Some Church's over-the-top 2011 Christmas Eve pageant, complete with live camel-

- and the passage I was reading contained not one but two references to camels. I maintained composure, but just barely.

Moments before that, I was called on to join Rich in alternating sections of what used to be called the Pastoral Prayer. I was fine until I had to get to this:

For the new Congress: that God will inspire their deliberations and help them develop policies and laws to promote the common good....

This lot? Yeah, right. Since this morning, it's gone "Yeah, further right," since one of the wackadoodliest of the Teabaggers on the Republican side has announced his intention to challenge that filthy, orange liberal John Boehner for the speakership. If both Crazy Louie and Mitch McChinless wind up in charge of the two houses of Congress, the odds are way against any such deliberations, much less laws, coming out of their 2015-16 propaganda ministry.  If I'm proved wrong, I think even bill_sheehan will join me in confessing that there really must BE a God answering those prayers.

(Speaking of Bill, in a comment on his weekly atheist Sermonette, I offered what may be the definitive explanation of how to get out of the United Methodist Church. It's much like leaving the Mafia, only with casseroles rather than cannoli.)


In a far more spiritual experience, Eleanor asked to watch one of the Saturday Night disks that I'd gotten for Emily, and we wound up with the full second episode from the fall of 1975. The format was much more aimed at the music back then, with Paul Simon doing his first of many hosting jobs, and the show was almost entirely musical performance- his own music, Randy Newman, Phoebe Snow (both solo and with Paul and their backup choir on "Gone at Last," also with an incredibly young David Sanborn in the band), but most touchingly, Art Garfunkel joining him for several of their numbers together.  This was right after their one and only post-breakup song together had come out ("My Little Town," which they also sang), and it was an important stop on the reconciliation trail that eventually led to the Concert in Central Park and, almost 30 years after this episode, their reunion tour that we saw them on.

(I remember that concert and posting about it, vividly, but I completely forgot having seen the Netflix of this episode in late 2006 and posting about it back then. Fortunately, search engines make up for the deficiencies in my brain.)

Seven more disks await from that season, with plenty of sublime (from the likes of Joe Cocker), but also the occasional ridiculous (Toni Basil?!?).

No more tonight, though; Rochester awaits ass-early in the morning, and I need to be back here to file things before the end of the workday, and the weather report is frightful.
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