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Some spoilers are more spoilery than others.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Some spoilers are more spoilery than others....
I pray this will be the last weather-dominated entry for awhile. We got close to a foot of snow overnight, with plenty of wind, stupid-cold temps, and overnight thundersnow.  Unlike the November event (which barely affected us in this immediate area), government acted quickly to get stupid people off the roads, closing the 90 and most other major roadways as of last night and, most relevant to me, closing the local courts for the day. That announcement came just after my alarm went off round 7:15, so I didn't have to fight my way downtown here. By 11 or so this morning, I'd also canceled my only out-of-town plans: the one Rochester client wouldn't be available until way after I wanted to get out of there today (and the 90 wound up not reopening except to essential traffic), and since friends of Emily and Cam were heading there to see them, I got them to detour over here first to pick up the Carey-packagey items I'd planned to deliver to them this afternoon.

With that time freed, and the legal world being essentially dead, I indulged for about 80 minutes of spoiler recovery.


When Elementary first aired, I shunned it as a cheap US network ripoff of the Moff-Gatiss Sherlock reimagining, much as NBC had done with Prime Suspect (both, oddly, casting Aidan Quinn as Quintessential Noo Yawk Cop). It took until mid-2014 before realising my error in judgment, and between Netflix and library disks, I finally got through all of Series One several weeks ago.

Or so I thought.

Thanks to an incredible brain fart, I convinced myself that the Moriarty plot of that season had ended, after several twists involving [Spoiler (click to open)] M versus Moran versus Moriarty himself, with H&W discovering his initial and ultimate victim,[Spoiler (click to open)]Irene Adler, alive and well in a Douglaston mansion.  I even talked with Emily about how this cliffhanger would resolve itself, not knowing I'd missed the entire, actual, extended season finale which made quite clear who the nemesis is. She said, "Oh, you'll know- it's someone you've already been introduced to."  When the first of the S2 disks showed up, I was shocked to hear them talking about who it was, and even more shocked that they'd done nothing to connect the dots of how Moriarty was outed.  Nothing in the first two S2 disks, or the first three episodes on disk 3, did anything to change that confusion, but when "The Diabolical Kind" arrived, with flashbacks of the explanatory scenes I'd never seen before, I headed back to the disk with the finale I'd missed. Wow- well played, allayouse. I must admit, though: it was a very different viewing experience knowing the Big Reveal before they got round to it at around the halfway point of the finale, but it still made for very good viewing.

For totally unrelated reasons, I jumped ahead to the CBS streaming version of the most recent available S3 episode- and it looks like I've still got much to figure out about how the dynamics got to There from Where I Left Off.
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yesididit From: yesididit Date: January 11th, 2015 12:02 am (UTC) (Link)
i missed that same season finale episode of elementary when it was on tv, but thankfully they replayed it later on, in the off season, so i was able to see it. my mom was talking about it and i was like WHAT? i dont remember that! thats when i realized i'd missed it.
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