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New trick for this old dog - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
New trick for this old dog
I'm nearing the end of my eleventh year of journaling here, and I've learned most of the contents of the toolbox as well as the inherent limitations on many of those tools. I lj-cut entries that are either very long or possibly triggery (less so than I once did, since bandwidth isn't an issue for many people anymore and friendslists, sadly, are shorter than they used to be for a lot of us); I'm getting better at using the fairly new version of that called the spoiler cut (helpful if readers don't want to know that[Spoiler (click to open)]the boat sinks;)I know the difference between a regular link, an embed-link and an "img src" hotlink for photos (though I generally won't use the latter because of the instability of many outside hosts); I've got uploading to the LJ scrapbook down to a science; and, most relevant to this entry, I can create my own images from other pages....

just, until today, I was doing them in DOS. I'd do a print-screen of the entire content of the webpage, spreadsheet, whatever, and then use Paint to select and then paste whatever I wanted. Never again, though, thanks to the kindness of one andrewducker (see? I can insert LJ usernames, too;). He made me aware of a Windows tool that goes all the way back to Vista, and which, despite having computers of that provenance since 2008 and use of them before that, I'd never even heard of before today.

It's called the Windows Snipping Tool. It never appeared on the "accessories" tab of Windows programs, which is where I discovered useful little bits like the character map (handy for inserting musical-note symbols or if you just want to cuss someone out with something more æƸʥϣԖ☻♣ing sophisticated than the shift-characters on the num row). But it's there, and it's lovely. In 7 and 8, apparently, you swipe your charms or someshit from the right side of your screen, but I'm too old-school for that. Instead, you hit your windows key (aka the "start button"), enter Snipping Tool in the search box, and then this lovely comes up:

(Yes, I'm hotlinking that. Microsoft's servers can handle the strain:P)

Once it's up and running, click "new" in the box, pick the kind of snipping you want to do (free-form, rectangular or full-window), and then mouse away to get what you want. Then save it direct as a .png or .jpg without having to play with Paint at all.

And no, you don't have to be a mohel to use it, although a little sacramental wine never hurts when you're using any Microsoft product;)
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