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Don't Worry About the Government - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Don't Worry About the Government
Two stories from the past two days, gathered in between preparations for two things tomorrow for work, one already last-minute postponed and the other with a postponement request pending.

The first tale involves a friend, who has not given permission to retell it, so I will omit virtually all of the identifying details and allegorize it a bit.

Once upon a time, in the land of West, there was a small business that made a very special product. It had a limited market, and was usually offered for sale to that market only a handful of times a year, but I've seen hundreds of this product proudly displayed over the years.  I bought one myself on the occasion of a significant life event, a long time ago, and I still have it.  It wasn't until recently that, totally independently, I became friends with a member of the family which has made this product in this area for many generations. In passing conversation, he learned that I owned one of these and, I in turn, learned that his family had made it.  The King even put a special seal on each one of these items to certify its authenticity.  Far as I knew, their family was the only one who chose to provide this product to the market at West; they had no Special Appointment or Patent giving them the sole right to issue it with the affixed seal of the King, but it was well known, and much loved, and all was well.

I saw my friend a few weeks ago, and learned of a new visitor to the Kingdom. Another merchant had come to market from the Land of Far Far Away, where they sold similar wares, and they had begun sending missives to those who were about to come to market, introducing their version of the product. My friend's family wasn't pleased, but understood that faire was faire.

Until it wasn't.

Recently, I learned that the makers of Brand X, from the Land of Far Far Away, had sent another missive to the trade, mere hours before the hallowed opening of the market itself. Yet Brand X was not content to speak of its own valor, nay; instead, their missive, using a rather anachronistic device called "spoofing," announced itself in the entryways of the potential market visitors as coming directly from the King! And the King's so-called message was giving "instructions" on how to purchase the Brand X wares!  They never outright said that they were speaking for the King (for they were not), nor that they had some form of Special Appointment or Patent to trade on the King's good name (for they did not). Nay, they merely implied it; but since those coming to this market were not fools, some of them were kind enough to tell my friend's family about it. They, in turn, inquired of me.  While I am dutybound not to reveal what I said they could or should do in response to this treachery, I will share one general observation I made about such situations.  "Whatever course I might recommend or you might consider, hell hath no more fury you can wreak upon these ne'er-do-wells than what the King will do to them if HE finds out and becometh pissed at them."

Which, I am happy to say, he did. A decree went out telling the varlets from Far Far Away to take their missives sent in the King's purported name and stick them where the sun doth not shine.  And there was great rejoicing.

And the moral of the story is:


That's how not to involve a government in your private affairs.  Today's pithier tale is of someone else unclear on the concept.

I left here fairly early this morning on account of the two clients to the East (sorry, I'm gonna be in Grimm mode for a while here), for whom matters have since been either postopned or requested to be. For several miles, I was behind a car driven by a fully-committed Teabagger.  He still displayed a Romney-Ryan bumper sticker; two below it was one demanding the IRS stop harassing "Tea Party Patriots;" and in between, in the Place of Irony, was one from Americans for Prosperity (a Kochsucker Brothers front group) reading "CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING!"

Mister Patriot then pulled into (I presume) his place of employment- a locally based pharmaceutical company on the road to the 90.

Hmmm.  Who do you suppose is one of the biggest single purchasers of pharmaceutical products in this country, if not the world? Medicare, our 65-and-older (we hope) federal insurance program.  Drugs have only been covered under Medicare since the G.W. Bush years when, in a sop to Big Pharma, Congress prohibited the program from negotiating bulk-purchase prices with drug companies, the way the Veterans Administration is allowed to for its publicly-funded program. Seems a simple way to Cut Government Spending would be to allow that very government to negotiate lower prices based on its large and guaranteed payments for their wares- but Congressional Republicans have blocked every attempt to reform this provision since it went into effect.

Because, apparently, it's also good to be the hypocrite:P
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