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Meloxicam, Take Me Away! - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Meloxicam, Take Me Away!
I'm ending my second day of taking a new arthritis med for my knee, and.... we may have a winner here.

At times yesterday, which included cardio and a weight workout, I didn't feel pain at all. At its worst, it wasn't as bad as previous worsts.

Today, I pushed it.  Long day, longish drive, and a parking space on Level 5 of a ramp garage where I took the stairs both down and up. By the end of the drive home, I was feeling it- but again, not nearly as badly.  And the main side effect, stomach upset, was only noticeable for a little while this morning. That may have had as much to do with my morning full of stress as anything else.


Tonight, we almost finished the second half of the Scorcese documentary on the life of George Harrison, Living in the Material World. I was glad the Pythons got a good chunk toward the end of the film, explaining how George saved Life of Brian from cancellation and how that film became the start of his Handmade Films venture- one that also gave us Time Bandits, Mona Lisa and Whitnail and I. Eric Idle also tells the story of him and the other Rutles (in costume) filming the Shabby Road parody scene in the famous crosswalk and being hounded for Beatle autographs; meanwhile George (not in costume) joined them during the filming and nobody even recognised him.


Tomorrow is the fourth of seven straight weekdays with early-day appointments.  Let's hope the drugs continue working as hard.
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