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Sanitized for your Financial Protection - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Sanitized for your Financial Protection
We have two new copiers in the office I work out of here. Both are what some longlost person in my life referred to as state of d'art. One has so many different options on it, it has a SIMPLICITY MODE button which clears the display of the umpteen options for sorting, collating, dicing and slicing, and replaces it with one or two buttons beyond the big blinking one that says, in so many words, COPY ME, YOU STUPID LAWYER. (Back in the day when pictures were taken with actual cameras, I had a fairly automatic one without focus or f-stops or any messy things to screw up myself. We called it the "PHD camera"- as in "Push Here, Dummy.")

Yet there is one thing neither of these new new-fangled machines will do.  In most cases, I cannot make a simple copy of a check before taking it to the bank to deposit it.  These machines are designed to respect "security features" embedded in the checks themselves- usually some sort of holographic image on the front- and, if you try to copy a check with one, you get a page of black toner for your trouble. I assume this was the toner salesman's idea.

Today, I learned the trick to defeating this feature. Apparently, if you reduce the copy size to 65 percent (there's a button on the non-PHD display that does that with one click), it makes the hologram too small for the copier's brain to register, and you get a usable, if less legible, piece of evidence for your records.  And you KNOW what is going to happen: people are going to recopy those 65% sized checks back to their original size and throw the 65%-size ones in the insecure trash- and somebody's bank account number is more likely to get hacked as a result.

I'm also going to experiment with sticking a post-it over the hologram to see if that'll fool the suckers.
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