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Peaky-ing at ....what?!? - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Peaky-ing at ....what?!?
Blame Jazz.fm, of all things, for hooking me on a new Netflix series. Ross Porter played "Red Right Hand," the Nick Cave song used as the open/close to it, and mentioned it was from a new-to-him series:

That's the show being shown in that video, although you never really hear it full-on, at least not in the episodes I've seen so far. I'm up to the finale of Series 1, with six of Series 2 queued up next. The modern pop soundtrack (mostly the likes of the Bad Seeds and White Stripes) works remarkably well for a series set in 1919 Birmingham, England.

Plenty of Sopranos-ish dynamic going here, especially the violence, always controlled until it isn't. The family dynamic is at the centre of it all, with the spinoffs and detours by family members contributing much to the story. Unlike many of this ilk, though, The Law is neither stupid nor completely bought off; it's just as violent and just as evil, personified by Sam Neill's Inspector Campbell and an early-on Winston Churchill trying very hard to make some good ends justify some very nasty means.

Episode 5 did bring one fourth-wall oddity, though: When Cillian Murphy's Thomas Shelby and Neill's Inspector Campbell are discussing the stolen guns at the heart of the series plot, Shelby says his information will get Campbell a medal. Campbell replies that if he earns him a medal, he'll have Shelby's initials engraved on his backside. Series producer Harvey Weinstein famously had his initials tattooed on Judi Dench's ass.

Besides Harvey, the show's provenance includes the BBC and Caryn Mandebach, recently a showrunner of Nurse Jackie, so I knew I was in good (production) company here.
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