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Maybe that varmint's not so bad after all.... - Blather. Rants. Repeat.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Maybe that varmint's not so bad after all....
I joked yesterday that this week was turning into a personal version of the movie Groundhog Day, and what better time than the week of the actual event?  Twice, earlier this week, a first-thing appointment canceled at the last minute. Yesterday, he canceled only after I'd set an ass-early alarm and didn't get his message until I was in and out of the bathroom and half-dressed for the appointment. I then had close to two hours to kill before Bankruptcy Court at 10. He then rescheduled for today, same time- and again this morning, I had Bankruptcy Court right after it at 10.

I started looking for Bill Murray in my rear-view mirror coming home last night, but the day wound up much better than his ill-fated 2/2, or my less than perfect 2/3.

After getting up early, again, and in and out of the bathroom and not quite half-dressed for the rescheduled appointment, again, I heard my phone go off. Here we go again, I thought. But this time, it was a text- and not from him. It was from a very apologetic person who I'd penciled in for the afternoon portion of my shit list if he hadn't done something by today- and he was ready and (it turned out) able to. So that worked.

The early appointment guy was on time and we had a good first meeting, with plenty of time to get to Bankruptcy Court by 10. When I found a parking space, the people behind me handed me their receipt; they were leaving with well over half an hour left on it. So, yay.

The judge was running his hurry-up offense this morning, and since none of my three cases were opposed, I won them all- two of them without saying anything to him other than "Thank you."

Back to the car, and one last stop downtown, to check a state court file on the guy from the early appointment. Again, I found an on-street parking space right outside the courthouse, and a nice lady walking by offered to help me climb through the two-foot snowdrift between me and the meter (which I didn't even need to feed because it was full, frozen or both).  Once inside, the clerk not only found the file for me but copied it for me for free.  While I waited, I noticed that one of the other clerks had a card at her desk with this on it:


"I like that," I said, smiling, "and in that order."

So, yeah- as Groundhog Days (groundhogs-day?) go, the morning, at least, was one I wouldn't mind repeating over and over. The afternoon's not been as nice, but much of that is only by comparison.

Right- off to cardio, just like I did at this time yesterday;)
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